Saturday, December 5, 2009


How many times have you heard someone say:"I refuse to believe that..." ? Usually followed by something like "two people can't get along if they try" or "civilized people can't settle their differences without going to war" or even "our elected officials would do anything that would be that bad for the country."

I think this is a large part of our current problem in this country. Not that we seem to be bitterly divided over whether this country will abandon individualism and embark on collectivism. Nor that we are embroiled in a war with terrorists that wish to kill us all. Nor even that our elected officials are preparing to sign away our sovereignty via international treaties which they don't bother to actually read before they sign them. Those are challenges, but none are unsolvable but for the fact that we refuse to believe that such things could be so.

Open and honest discourse requires that both parties believe that the other party's points could be valid. I have been spending a bit of time lately "discussing" some of the issues currently before our country with those who seem to be starting from a point of view that disallows even the possibility that I could be right. Even when I point out that I have have spent much time reading books on the subject of the discussion as well as researching various bits from credible 1st party sources, these folks refuse to believe that what I am saying could possibly have any validity. Even when I name the books and authors and provide links to multiple, well known and credible web-sites, my knowledge is dismissed as irrelevant, because these folks simply refuse to believe...

I am somehow the inflexible one (and other names not so nice) when I refuse to give over my well researched opinion on the basis of a cursory web-search on their part to provide one or two links to articles that they think are all anyone needs to come to a rational conclusion. One man recently directed my attention to a wikipedia article and the BBC interview of a particular Imam to make his point and thought that this should be enough to sway me. When I refused to be swayed, he directed me to the result of a cursory web search showing compromised sources who were saying what he wanted to hear. I very much doubt that he bothered to look at the links I and others posted for his edification. Why should he? Those things don't fit his belief that such things cannot be true. And he refuses to believe that what I am saying might be true. (And really-wikipedia as a source? Ask your children if they are allowed to use wikipedia as source material for a book report.)

How are we, in this country, to preserve our Constitution, heritage and values, when our fellow countrymen have closed their minds to the possibility that they could be wrong? When those who present well researched facts are ridiculed? I once believed as did that fellow I mentioned above. When I was challenged, I did my homework, found that I was wrong and changed my opinion. It's called learning. Perhaps the problem is pride. Perhaps we find it too humiliating to be wrong and would rather die than admit to being mistaken. I am sure there are any number of folks willing to oblige us, if that be the case. If you can't admit your mistakes, how can you possibly expect to correct them?

"When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom." ~Prov 11:2


Dr.D said...

"Perhaps the problem is pride. Perhaps we find it too humiliating to be wrong and would rather die than admit to being mistaken."

I think that there is no doubt but that pride is a factor. But I think that this is something else much more dangerous even than pride at work here. It is the desire to believe as they choose to believe. They really want that to be true, they want it so much so that they will deny anything that contradicts it. In effect they stuff their fingers in their ears and shout back "I can't hear you," even as you present your argument. They simply think they have to believe that way or the world will end.

It is a matter of false religion, a false religion based on the lies of communism operating under the guise of political correctness. PC has had stunning success in beguiling Americans. I would have never believed it possible that we would fall for this obvious nonsense to the extent that we have, but it has gripped Americans like a vise. The vast majority of Americans today simply cannot imagine the truth anymore, and are firmly in the grasp of the false religion of communist driven PC.

I don't mean to imply that these people are themselves communists. In most cases they are not. But they are enslaved to a communist ideology that has then completely under its control, to the point where they no longer have any freedom. It is a very insidious problem.

To attack this problem, it is pointless to attack specific questions, but rather some way needs to be found to show the person that they are under the domination of PC and have lost their freedom. If that can be done, the cure is simple as saying, "I renounce PC; be gone," and then don't give in to it again. The very hard part is get them to the point where they can see that they are under the domination of this alien agency that has enslaved them. That can be well nigh impossible.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

When I was young I was very prideful about my ability to run long distance, and my incredible memory. I had an accident in 1985, and the two things mostly damaged was my left knee, and the memory center of my brain. I was devastated, because those things I was "proud" of were what defined me, I thought. Problem was, I had always put those things before my faith - they were false gods, of sorts. When they were removed, it was then that I finally focused on Him as I should have been. Pride leads to arrogance, and arrogance leads to things even more dangerous. Taht is the problem with Obama. He is so narcissistic, God, the will of the people, and even the liberty of the nation means nothing to him. Obama has an agenda, and is so arrogant that he will make sure it is in place, even if it means losing the chance for reelection.

Soapbox Jill said...

"a false religion based on the lies of communism operating under the guise of political correctness." That about sums it up. I think many Americans have bought into the lies out of guilt. Guilt for slavery (a false guilt if you think it through: we overcame slavery!). Guilt that some have less and some have more. The answer to that is to love and be generous to all, not hate the rich.

And there is such a spiritual void in this nation that still overwhelmingly calls itself Christian, but follows all sorts of gods and idols. People are slaves to their televisions, computers, phones, romantic relationships, and the false religion Dr. D. describes.

Mom, don't worry about naysayers to your proof. Facts do not matter to "true believers." Just look at the global warming - caused by humans - believers. They persist despite glaring contrary evidence!

Call Me Mom said...

I freely admit to my own portion of pride in many things, and as He did for you, Mr. Gibbs, the Lord has been good enough to correct me pretty quickly. Sometimes it can be debated whether I am suffering from corrections or tempering, but I think the Lord is efficient enough to accomplish both at the same time. ;-)

Dr. D. you are correct. The desire to believe is a big part of the problem. I think that the desire to believe is further exacerbated by a lack of critical thinking skills. There doesn't seem to be a lot of objective evaluation of the facts going on these days.

Jill, I think we must beable to present our case in a way that wakes folks up or why should they change their opinion? It is rather like Christianity, if you think about it. When I ask someone to take an unpopular stand on an issue, one that will make them uncomfortable with their friends, I must be able to give them a firm foundation for that stand or there is no reason for them to change their opinion.