Monday, March 8, 2010


The radio station that carries Faith2Action in my area has dropped the show contending that the show and it's host are promoting Dominion theology. The host of the show is the person organizing the Mayday event, Janet Porter. I am looking at the links provided by WVCY to determine if I am in agreement with them. I did not see that tendency while listening myself, but I wasn't looking for it either.Having a care for my readers, I share the link to WVCY's explanation for their cancellation.

As I read this post, it may seem that I am promoting Dominion Theology(The creation of heaven on earth through political power, as I understand the explanation.) I am promoting Christianity and Christian values, not theocracy. The United States is a unique nation in history and our political form requires that each individual votes and acts according to the dictates of his/her conscience. I think that converting people to Christianity is a duty for the sake of Christ's finished work on the cross and securing the believer's place in the afterlife, NOT for the purpose of the political control of this nation or any other. If people were perfect, it would be a desirable goal, but we are not and I loathe the idea that Christianity could be used as a political tool for attempting to force others to accept Christ. (Which would be pointless and ineffective anyway as the decision to accept Christ's work on the cross is an individual decision in every case.)
I encourage all of my readers to do the research and make their own decisions and to go forward in their walk with Christ and to do so in knowledge.

Mayday is an internationally recognized symbol of distress. There will be a gathering at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on May 1st 2010 (also know as May Day.) for Christians to come together to cry out to God for a nation in distress. During the past few years, I have come to the conclusion that our nation needs Christian prayer and Christian values now more than ever before.

As I surf the 'net and interact with others on their blogs or chats, I cannot help but notice how quick many people are to disassociate themselves from Christianity. They are even quicker to attack any who seem to have a grasp of sound doctrine. Sadly, many of those who are the most vicious in their attacks profess to be Christians. They are those who prefer to have their ears tickled. They find preachers and ministers who will tell them that any part of the Bible which might cause them to have to confront their own sins or the sins of loved ones are the work of ignorant savages who didn't have the enlightened scientific evidence for cause and affect that we are blessed with today. But anything that allows them to ignore the entire idea of sin is the word of God.

Those who would demonize Christianity are rather like the woman that wants to marry a man who will be a stable family man and husband, who then destroys the very thing she wishes to have by pursuing a man who is already married to someone else. Those who despise family values and the idea that we should be ruled by the tenets of some "religious superstition" nevertheless prefer to live in societies that are based, like the USA's on Christian values.

Such people recognize that the form of our society is the only one that is stable enough to allow them the tolerance they need to engage in their preferred behaviors and beliefs, but then turn on the very system that created that tolerance. They then refuse to give credence to the idea that Christianity is the stable base upon which all the positive aspects of this nation rest.

Often there is an insistence that "those religious right wingers" want to legislate morality. But there is no recognition of the fact that all legislation is based on someone's morality. The question we, as a nation need to answer, is whose morality do we want to legislate? The morality upon which the laws of this nation were founded, the morality which espouses personal responsibility and the development of good character, the morality that allows tolerance for those of other religions is Christian.

It is time for Christians to stand up and take their nation back, to "work, for the night is coming..." If we do not lead, then we will be forced to follow those who hold us in contempt and watch as everything this nation has done, with the continual help and guidance of Divine Providence, is reduced to rubble.

If you can, plan to join with other Christians in a day of prayer for our nation in Washington D.C. The MAYDAY event details can be found here.

"Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. "~ James 5:16


Dr.D said...

On the one hand, it sounds like a great idea, but on the other hand, I'm not so sure, particularly about the location. Washington, D.C. is beginning to seem like the last place to go to appeal for help. They are absolutely deaf! They do not listen to the voice of the people at all. I understand the logic for choosing DC, but I think I might have chosen St. Louis or Dallas, some place where there are real people rather than robots.

The need to cry out to God for our country is very real. We are going down, and no one but God can save us now. An appeal to Washington is on par with an appeal to the devil himself.

Call Me Mom said...

As I understand the event, it is not an appeal to Washinton, but a gathering to pray. Since the prayers will be asking for the rescue of the nation, it is somewhat fitting that the event be held in the nation's capitol.

Dr.D said...

I think you are correct, Mom.

On the other hand, I think that there would be some symbolic value in holding it a long way from DC, to tell our politicians that we no longer look to them for anything. We know that they are ignoring us, and we will ignore them and look only to God.

There is no doubt but that it will take place in DC.

DR said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day and may God bless you and family!

Anonymous said...
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