Thursday, September 13, 2012

Treason, High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Update: The two other embassy employees have now been identified as Navy SEALs Glen Doherty, 42, a native of Winchester, Mass., and Tyrone Woods, 41. RIP gentlemen. This author's gratitude for your service and sincere condolences and prayers go out to your families and friends as they do also to the families and friends of Ambassador Stevens and Mr. Smith. Please also note that there have been some changes in the last paragraph since the original posting.
I also neglected to note the conclusion of the UN conference on small arms. One in which Mrs. rodham-clinton has been doing her level best to commit the USA to UN gun control without the approval of congress or the American people. My apologies for that egregious omission.
As I am quite sure that most informed people have heard by now, our embassies are being attacked across the middle east. Our ambassador to Libya, Mr.J Christopher Stevens along with Mr. Sean Smith, and two other embassy employees whose names have not yet been released, were cruelly and foully murdered.

Murdered? wasn't this just a spontaneous riot situation emerging out of a protest? Not according to the reports I've read, unless you happen to be of the opinion that normal people bring rocket propelled grenade launchers to a protest. In addition, I cannot adequately convey the depth of my loathing for the people who did this. What makes it different from any other terrorist attack or riot that loathing is the appropriate reaction? This article, which says that the ambassador was raped before he was murdered. The quote in the article attributed to Mr. obama, is also quite, quite reprehensible. It indicates that the only reason to be upset over the murder is ...well I'll let you read it yourself. Perhaps it is a glitch in the translation software, that would be nice, but I suspect it is not.

"Obama said in a statement after the murder of the u.s. Ambassador and three employees in a missile attack on their car in Benghazi "I asked my Department to provide all the necessary resources to ensure our employees in Libya and tighten security at diplomatic missions throughout the world."

"The US Administration refuses to abuse the religious beliefs of others but we clearly oppose this kind of senseless violence, which wasted lives of agents of the State".

That's right, it's not about the loss of 4 unique and intrinsically valuable human beings, but about losing tools for the government. I hope that is nothing more than a translation fail, because, if not, it is a human being fail on the part of Mr. obama.

Mr. obama is, apparently even refusing to call this a terror attack. I have to admit he's correct there. It wasn't a terror attack-it was an act of war. Yes, an attack on an embassy is an act of war and everyone knows this. Yet, we are being asked to believe that the totalitarian regimes who oppress these people were unable to provide adequate security or even facilities for our embassy in Libya. A situation bound to invite trouble. Perhaps Mr. obama would have been inclined to fix it, had he been attending his intelligence briefings to know of it. But he had been skipping them for the past few days. Why?

Then there is the egregious first part of the statement-the apology. It is un-American, unethical, treasonous, and a violation of the oath of office - assuming he actually took it that second time around. Americans can say whatever they like about whatever they like and if it offends someone-too bad!

 For instance, right now, I will say that islam is evil. It is a religion of evil and nothing but evil. I can even say that I think Mr. obama is receiving these embassy attacks as a gift, payback if you will, from the muslim brotherhood for putting them in power so that they can be that much closer to achieving their goal of re-establishing the caliphate.  I can say that I think he is and will be using these attacks for political reasons and that we can expect them to continue until the election.  I can say that, without fear of reprisal, here, because my right to say it is a self-evident, God given, constitutionally affirmed, American right and many people have paid for it in blood since this nation's founding. To deny it would be a slap in the face of our military past and present and a denial of all that America stands for.

Why would I say that? Because I think it is true. This particular date, in addition to being a re-run of 9-11 for Americans was also the date on which a Judicial Committee hearing on Mr. obama's abuse of government power was scheduled. Have we heard anything about that? Nope. A report also came out yesterday saying that seniors and the poor are going to be more likely to die under obamacare than if the Congress and this administration had kept their power hungry, meddling hands off of our health care system. Have you heard that? No?
Here's another story you probably won't be hearing much about that also came out yesterday. A federal judge ruled the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA to be unconstitutional. Then there are the numbers from the census dept. showing very bad things for the obama administration's handling of the economy as well. Let's not forget the unconstitutional attack on the right to bear arms as well. Some may read that one and say it's just common sense. Constitutionally aware citizens know that the federal government is specifically prohibited by the Constitution from restricting the right to bear arms. That is wholly a state issue.
Then there is Mr. obama's sending of representatives from major US corporations to jump start the economy - of Egypt, the announcement of QE3 and etc. on down the line.

How much blood will need to be spilled to cover up this traitorous usurper's path to the "fundamental transformation" (i.e. total destruction) of America?

Oh sure, I can read. The msm and politicians of all stripes are rushing to cover their you know whats and indulging in utterly disgusting sound bites to enhance their political campaigns/careers over this. Claiming that it wasn't an act of war(it was), that it wasn't reflective of "true" islam (it is), and then gradually segueing into a blame the victim spiel that would make the most practiced cult manipulator or abuser proud. Condemning the rights of American citizens to say whatever they want. (Coptic Christians who fled here from Egypt were thought to be the producers of the film that supposedly set this off.) Claiming that they offended the followers of islam by saying mean things about their prophet. Boo-Hoo. The film's producer, American-Israeli filmmaker Sam Bacile, was doing us a service, attempting to wake America up to the danger of the true islam. He said "Islam is a cancer, period,"  If the result of that little film is this violence and murder, I have to say any reasonable observer who is not in denial would tend to agree with the filmmaker about true islam and the evil that it produces in the world.

Oh, but the leaders of those nations are apologizing and the citizens are saying they don't support those actions. (While still condemning the poorly made film and the insult they claim to their evil prophet and his even more heinous deity.) Well, you know what? Tough noogies. When I combine these latest outrages with the writings and doctrines of islam, the picture I see is one of deceit, manipulation and continuing violence to ensure the overall goal of islam-that of world wide conquest.

As for those who were outside the Libyan embassy with signs of condemnation for the acts of the murderers - where were they that night? Where were they when they knew that this was happening? Hiding? Evincing the same cowardice Americans have been showing regarding this and many other issues for years by indulging in some comfortable denial of the truth? Or were they in the crowds that murdered our fellow citizens in cold blood? If you want me to believe that you are sincere about deploring this behavior then prove it. Look at your "religion" objectively, recognize it for the evil that it is and walk away from it. Repudiate it utterly and with such strength that those you claim to be a small number of fundamentalists will not dare to show their faces for fear of YOU. And that conversion away from the evil that is islam needs to start at the top.

Until that happens I will not be fooled or manipulated. On Tuesday, I would have said, that instead of military might, we need to make a concerted effort to use the greatest weapon at our disposal to help these people -Christianity. But now I see that they will only convert to Christianity after a show of strength to convince them that Christians are not doormats. So be it.

All right, that is out of my system. Now I will say, Christianity is still our greatest weapon and we are fools and cowards who refrain from using it to it's fullest potential.

As for Mr. obama, his apologies are nothing short of treason. (and not the first instance of treason on his part either.) I called Mr. Boehner and Mr. Inouye's offices yesterday to demand that he be impeached. How can I say it is treason? There is an obviously planned attack on US embassies. An overt act of war against America. In the islamic world, any failure to meet such a provocation with equal or greater force is seen as submission. And what did our usurper do? Did he meet force with force? Did he demand the murderers be given over into American hands immediately under threat of greater force? Did he show that America is still to be respected in any way? No. He apologized. He submitted totally and completely in a manner designed to show the islamic world that America has just surrendered to the muslim brotherhood. And as a man who was quoted on the campaign trail in 2008 as saying the morning call to prayer is the prettiest sound in the world, who then went on to perfectly perform that call to prayer with accuracy and to compliments from islamic leaders, is there any way that he could possibly claim to be ignorant of what he has just done? There is not. It is treason, blatant and most foul treason. If Congress refuses to remove this traitor from office immediately and replace him with a leader who will offer an appropriate response to this desecration of our embassies and our people, then they are complicit and must also be removed. If we do not do this, immediately, then we will deserve what is coming now that the islamic world regards America as their conquered dhimmis.
 Will the rest of America join me? Or will you merely post to facebook and sign impotent petitions left and right and tweet your outrage while refusing to call your elected representatives out of fear? Fear of what? Being thought crazy or unreasonable? Grow up and do your civic duty...before it's too late.

(My apologies to Mr. Boehner's aide, for being overly grouchy at her - but really? Is that the kind of c*** you've been using to intimidate American citizens out of demanding that Congress do it's job? You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves!)

"Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." ~ Luke 22:36

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