Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ron Ewart -- The Only Effective Weapon - Massive Disobedience

"The sad truth is, most people are cowards. They would rather knuckle under than risk a confrontation with government even though a confrontation with government is what it will take to preserve their freedom. The government uses this cowardice against the people. They keep "pushing" the people with law after law to see how much they will take. A death by a thousand cuts. They use and exploit the people's unwillingness to challenge authority ..... out of fear of government. And we call ourselves Americans, as if that is supposed to mean something? Maybe once it did.
Being an American used to mean being self-reliant, independent, a free thinker, courageous and individually responsible. Unfortunately, the irrational fear of government that we see in the eyes of Americans today, is hardly what we consider being an American. Acting as our own attorney, we have challenged a multi-national corporation in court and won. We have challenged the IRS twice and won. We are challenging them a third time and we expect to win. We have challenged a local court over a small infraction and we expect to win there too ..... because we do not fear government. We use the law against them, even though we are fully aware that at any time of their choosing, they have the power to unilaterally "bury" us."
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Ron Ewart -- The Only Effective Weapon - Massive Disobedience

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