Saturday, September 7, 2013

BANNED on the Run - frogleg supplement

Missing your Intellectual Froglegs? Here's why and how to keep getting them.

And the note by Mr. Gorman to go along with it:
"After a few days of serious frustration…
  • censored by YouTube
  • Banned for life from LiveLeak (a GoDaddy Company)
  • dropped by some conservative sites that feel my attacking of the media is ‘wrongheaded’
I’m proud to announce Intellectual Froglegs has a new video hosting partner in PopModal Videos, run by my friend Jeffers Dodge… a conservative, shhhhh.
Don’t expect the same bells and whistles that you get at YouTube, a Google Company with billions of dollars, and no one is asking you to give up YouTube completely either—just help out PopModal when you can.   Now CLICK HERE to go set up an account.
- See more at:"

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