Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Sign of Hope

The authority of all three branches of our government comes to them from the people, through the US Constitution. Sometimes the best answer to executive, legislative or judicial overreach on either the state or federal level is to do nothing. Apparently the responsible citizens of Connecticut have chosen to do just that. I encourage this response to deathcare as well.

Just for reference, the definition of "unalienable" by the 1828 dictionary is: "UNA'LIENABLE, adjective Not alienable; that cannot be alienated; that may not be transferred; as unalienable rights."

"After Connecticut enacted one of the most draconian gun-control regimes in America, official estimates suggest that the overwhelming majority of the citizens targeted by the latest assault on gun rights failed to comply. Indeed, analysts say it appears that most people largely ignored the new statute, which purports to ban numerous non-registered “assault” weapons and standard-capacity magazines. Now, despite resistance by the governor, state lawmakers are reportedly “scrambling” to come up with a possible amnesty plan allowing gun owners to register past the deadline."

See the rest of this article here.

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