Thursday, October 23, 2014

American Voter Guide 2014 (Video 1)

I am in favor of voting for the best candidate, not for party. There must be some independents out there that are better than any RINOS by a long shot. The point here is to boot the communists who have taken over the democratic party and who have been working to take over the republican party OUT of power in America.

Here's an even better idea. Let's start a collection to pay the airfare of anyone who wants to live in a communist country. The only condition to get that free ticket is that they renounce their American citizenship. (Full disclosure: All those who have done their homework know that such a renunciation is permanent.)


Call Me Mom said...

Posting this comment for Mr. T. M:
"I repeat myself, so you must forgive me, but I'm more inclined toward
the Barnhardt axiom, which basically states that anyone seeking
political office at any level in the (former) United States is, by
virtue thereof, unqualified to serve in any political capacity

Yes, there are better people out there, but (1), they're probably not
running for political office and have no interest in running for
political office, because (2), the system is so thoroughly and
pervasively polluted, they couldn't change it for the better if they
tried. And they know it. Plus, they'd ultimately be forced to
compromise on fundamentally inviolable principles, and relegated to
lapping up the scraps like dogs under the master's table. Just like
their predecessors. As they also know.

At the end of the day we simply can't outvote the commies - most of
whom probably don't even know they're commies, but rather think they
can't possibly be commies because they're "patriotic Americans," never
mind that the definition of communism is clear and unambiguous, and it
applies to them one-and-all - because they outnumber us about 3-1,
and, well, democracy, "freeee-dom!," universal suffrage'n all that.

(Mine is admittedly a relatively small survey, but I still think it
tells us something important about the modern American mindset; I have
a set of questions I pose to individuals which helps me guage just how
communistic they really are. By and large the more "conservative"
types are communist sympathisers, although they generally claim (which
most times is a lie, I have found) that they don't themselves benefit
from communistic devices like welfare and "free" medical services.)

Only God knows for sure what our collective fate is, and He is
ultimately in control, of course. But if I were a betting man I would
hedge my bets on the great probability that He has already turned us
over to reprobate minds and given us over to strong delusions, given
that we take pleasure in those who commit evil, and actively (and
voluntarily) participate in and subsidize it.

But I could be wrong. Believe it or not I have been wrong once or
twice before. :-)"

Call Me Mom said...

Mr. T.M.
I'd have to agree with most of that, but God doesn't relieve me of my duty to vote for the best candidate and not just push the big party easy button.

It is appalling how many people think they are not communists when they clearly are. I had a candidate, who was seeking signatures for her nomination papers, tell me she was a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment. Then, after admitting that she did not support constitutional carry(after I explained to her what it was),she tried to explain to me why the government needed firearms to be registered - just in case "they" came up with a way to prevent all these school shootings by confiscating people's firearms.
I declined to sign her nomination papers.