Saturday, February 4, 2017

Lady Gaga and the Superbowl - ooo this is a good one BILL WHITTLE LIVE: 02.03.17

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Terry Morris said...

I,of course, did not watch "Lady Gaga's" performance. But, unfortunately, several of my "conservative" friends and relatives sent me texts stating how pleased they were that she recited the 'one nation, under God' line in the pledge of allegiance. I was suspiciously curious, so I watched the YouTube video of her performance. Well, of course, my suspicions were confirmed: why American "conservatives" want to believe Lady Gaga (et al) share their world view in *any* sense is abosultely beyond me. But in any case, Lady Gaga is a no tallent twit who can barely carry a tune, and whose "dance" is ... horrible. Why she is so popular is beyond me, but I surmise that it has to be something beyond her supposed "talent" because she basically has none.