Saturday, November 4, 2017


Oh nay, nay Mr. Whittle. The left LOVES democracy. They want democracy because then they can use it vote their fellows (or at least their fellow citizens who disagree with them) out of liberty, property and life. They are claiming that the electoral college is a subversion of democracy. They have been pushing that popular vote bill throughout the nation to deprive the rural areas of their votes in the name of democracy.
Democracy is mob rule which is a stepping stone to anarchy and oligarchy and tyranny.
The USA is a republic and I know you know this and that you, unlike so many these days knows the difference.
That is why in the early days of the nation - or so I have read - the question put to Congress was often "How stands the republic?".

I wish every public official and schoolteacher would be required to wear a collar that would shock them every time they uttered the words "our democracy" or the like. It is a shameful dumbing down of the citizenry that so few even think this is wrong.

And you see that the sane people understood that the system is supposed to be able to withstand 4 years of any idiot in the POTUS' office, but these people say we must crash the system - but they cleverly do not say the goal of crashing the system is to replace it with theirs.

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