Sunday, December 10, 2017

Stephen Coughlin on the term, Days of Rage 720p


Ray Brensike said...

Well, I know Hillary Clinton was talking about redefining religion in America, on thins such as the redefining of marriage that's been going on, and all the abortions, saying religious America needs to change it's thinking. LOL, and then we see all the Political Correctness going on which tries to manipulate speech, and we've seen the redefining of words and their meanings, and the labeling of things being changed, putting on a positive sounding label to obviously evil agendas, and we are seeing a lot of people noticing an infringement on their rights by government, too much regulation, and they are protesting when stopped by police, arguing on grounds of constitution and law, for such stops, searches, and whatever else, and 1st Amendment infringements on video taping in public, Terry stops, and all. Little by little we are seeing the overstepping of government on the people in addition to all of this Islamic open door policies, as if there is an obvious attempt to overthrow America, even from within....And America could be having such a wonderful day.

Call Me Mom said...

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