Saturday, January 20, 2018

To Tell the Truth

When we are young we are taught to tell the truth. We are taught that because, not only is it not good for us, it is not good for society as a whole to tell lies. A stable society - especially one like ours, in which there is so much specialization - requires a great deal of trust. Our very currency is based on faith - which is a special level of trust.

All lies are harmful. They may not seem to be at first, but even when lying for a "good" reason - like keeping a surprise party secret - the person who was lied to now knows that everyone at that party lied to them and therefore could lie to them about something else. Lies are harmful because they impair the individual's ability to trust the liar in the future even if they do no immediate or obvious harm. They also make one who has been lied to more reluctant to trust others.

Those who choose to identify as transgender - no matter how sincere their emotional angst/mental illness - are liars. They are lying by presenting themselves as other than what they are.

There have been articles and videos coming out in the last few years in which so called transgenders bemoan the fact that normal, heterosexual people do not want to date them. Obvious problems aside, who would want to date a liar? When there is limited time to find a spouse and start a family, who can afford to waste time dating someone who is lying about whether or not they are able to produce children with you? Liars waste the most precious resource anyone has on this Earth - one's time.

And this is just one reason that the lie of transgender-ism is a  problem for society as a whole.

Here is the bigger problem with transgender-ism. They are not only telling a lie with their appearance and mannerisms, but that 0.3% of Americans are asking the rest of us to allow them to tell that lie without refuting it.

That makes the rest of us into liars too. 

As an individual, one may choose to lie from sunrise to sunrise and that is on them. But that liar does NOT have the right to compel anyone else to become a liar by joining them in their lie. And that is the truth that no one seems to be telling around this issue. You are NOT required to become a liar to support someone else's wishes.

"And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: " ~ Gen 3:4

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