Thursday, November 1, 2018

Not about Immigration, It's about Survival, Stupid!

"In World War II, the authoritarians seeking genocide were the Nazis.  In today's world, the people seeking to stop Muslim immigration are not authoritarians seeking genocide.  They are seeking survival, because the authoritarians who are seeking to slaughter anyone not like themselves are not the "right-wingers," but those who adhere to the teachings of the Koran (Muslims) and those who adhere to the teachings of Karl Marx (leftwing Democrats and their allies).  The violent styles of the Muslims, and leftists (Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and La Raza come to mind) are unacceptable in our society, and more mirror fascism than any Tea Party or conservative group might.

The danger is that the two ideologies (Islam and progressivism) both pose enormous threats to our way of life that I don't think most people realize.  And, they are trying to invade our country in the name of an "immigrant caravan," something we must stand against, not because we are heartless, but because survival of our system of liberty depends heavily upon making sure that we properly vet immigrants, rather than just opening the border and letting anybody in."
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