Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Iran Hits Saudi Arabia: Will Trump Hit Back?

The petrodollar and our current state of US oil production seems to be the underlying narrative that makes this make a little more sense. (Namely that the USA agreed to protect Saudi if they agreed to accept only US dollars in payment for oil - thus guaranteeing the status of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency - after the US went off the gold standard.)

Also, stop thinking like an American. The leadership of iran is still involved in a struggle to determine who will be in charge of the emerging caliphate. Because the rest of the world doesn't count in the islamic world. We are just in existence to be used by the followers of islam to give power/aid to the various islamic factions - at least as far as the big picture goes. And a people group who are willing to engage in the hijrah for over 300 years to take over a nation by reproduction understand the big picture and take the long view.

What Iran gets out of this is the knowledge of whether or not the US will still protect Saudi or not. At least imo.

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