Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Legislative Terrorism

Update: The senate has stripped the collective bargaining measures out of Gov. Walker's budget repair bill. They then voted to eliminate the right to collective bargaining established in 1953(I think)for public employees.(Or at least this is how it was explained by one person) As this does not have a fiscal impact, they did not need 20 to vote on it. This measure will now go to the Assembly and if it passes there, they can go back and pass the budget repair bill.

That's what those 14 AWOL WI Senators are doing. They are engaging in Legislative Terrorism. Think that's too harsh? I do not. There were plenty of votes under Governor Doyle that were hard for conservatives to swallow, but they voted.

They did not run off and hold the entire state hostage to their whims. If you listen to today's radio show(see the player on the sidebar), you will hear Rep. Steve Kestell setting a standard of graciousness that is seldom seen in today's world. Even in WI. He is still willing to credit those missing legislators with the character to come back on their own. This, after he has spent weeks surrounded by protesters using obscenity and spitting on him because of the actions of these Senators.

They should be ashamed to share a building with this man. For that matter, the governor himself has been gracious in his descriptions of public employees. Taking the time to make note of all the state employees who have been showing up to do their jobs.

I'm hearing about compromise coming. That is unacceptable. It may be that our legislators are fearful for themselves and their families. Given the behavior they have seen demonstrated at the capital over the past weeks, that is a legitimate concern. If that is the case, I would urge our legitimate legislators to let us know. Let the people of WI be held to a higher standard.

There was a story about a German officer asking a young boy where the bodyguard of the Danish king was as he took his daily promenade. The boy was said to have replied that the king's bodyguard was every man, woman and child in Denmark.

If the mainstream media has any decency at all, they need to urge a display of graciousness on the part of all WI citizens towards our legislators. Voluntarily restrict your communication with your legislators to their office hours and do not go to their homes. Call their offices, e-mail their official e-mails and send letters to their offices, but leave them alone at home.

Further, if you are a friend or neighbor of a legislator, keep a sharp eye out for them, their families and their property.

When I heard that people had been spitting on MY Rep., I was shocked and appalled. I want to believe that only out of state hooligans would have done such a thing, but I realize that I'm probably wrong. And even if I am correct, what is wrong in the nation that this would be an acceptable method of communicating with a legislator anywhere? If you don't agree with a legislator, you do NOT spit on them, that's what elections are for.

We are better than this Wisconsin, we have to be. And if we are not, it's time to bring our game up until we are.

Not one penny for tribute, and that's all a compromise would be, tribute to an unconscionable and despicable act on the part of these 14 Senators and all the union hooligans that protested in such a disrespectful manner over these past weeks.

"That which is altogether just shalt thou follow, that thou mayest live, and inherit the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee." ~Deut 16:20

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