Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome Baron!

Update:There was a mix up in communications(entirely my fault and my apologies to the Baron)and we are working to re-schedule this interview. We did have a classic example of American denial in the chatroom calling himself "sharia lawyer".

This week's show will have a guest that I am very excited to welcome. His pseudonym is Baron Bodissey. He is one of the founders of the blog "Gates of Vienna". If you have been to any site that talks about the dangers of sharia law and the steady rise of Islam in the world today, chances are, they will have a link to the Gates of Vienna blog.

There is an excellent reason for this.

This blog is a phenomenal resource for anyone wishing to know what is going on regarding the spread of Islam in the world outside of America, or indeed, just what's going on in the world outside of America. The articles are well written and researched. There are a number of contributors from overseas who are willing to translate news items from other countries and allow them to be posted there.

It is my hope that the other founder of the blog, Dymphna will also be able to squeeze us into her busy schedule, but we will make do without her if we must. These folks have also had their hands in the site "Elisabeth's Voice".

If you've ever had questions about what's really going on with all this Muslim/Mozlem, jihadi, creeping sharia, Geert Wilders and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff stuff, tune in and start learning for yourself. The show will be rated mature, because many of the reasons Islam is presenting a challenge for the world are not for young ears. This blog is truly an example of an irate, tireless minority making a difference.

"Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked." ~ Psalm 97:10


Dr.D said...

The Baron and Lymphatic do excellent work regarding the muzlim threat. GoV is absolute a top site for information about that problem, and they put endless time and effort into that endeavor.

My only criticism of them is that they seem to be totally blind to the other threats that face America, particularly population replacement across our southwest border. I think their position is that they are going to deal with one problem and hope that someone else is covering the other problems.

Call Me Mom said...

Thank you for your comment Dr.D. It's Dymphna, though, not Lymphatic. I can empathize with you that I, too, wish I could get such coverage on all the threats facing us.

I can sympathize with the Baron and Dymphna as well because I have often wondered if, perhaps, I should pick one thing and concentrate on it, rather than skipping about, from here to there.

For my part, I'm such a data junkie, and find so many things interesting,that it would be torturous for me to confine myself to one, or even one area of interest.

Dr.D said...

Mom, I'm not really that dumb! Thank spell check for that one. It did not like Dymphna, so I asked what it had to substitute, and I intended to ignore it, but evidently I selected Lymphatic by accident. Oh, well... She has lots of physical ailments, so she would probably understand.

Call Me Mom said...

Lol, Dr. D. I figured it was something like that, but wanted to give you the opportunity to say so.