Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When the SHTF

                                                                                                                                                              (The frog doesn't always stay in the pot. This frog, for instance is on a second story window)
There is a lot of speculation out there regarding what is going to happen when the Stuff Hits The Fan, or, if you are more negative TEOTWAWKI. Notice that the preceding sentence said "when" not "if". That's because there are very few who are still of the opinion that we can fix what is wrong in this nation by the diligent application of the rule of law. Or rather, very few who have any faith that the people who have been elected to restore this nation and it's Constitution will actually do so.

For a long time I held out hope that we could reclaim the offices that are currently being held by oath breakers and criminals, but I am fast losing that hope.

The thing that seems most out of place though, are the many disaster scenarios being promulgated. The idea that society will implode and civilized behavior will go by the wayside, playing right into the hands of those who have been working for it, is rampant. Why? We have enough resources and resourceful people in this nation to overcome any number of disasters.

Look at hurricane Katrina. Yes, hurricane Katrina. Not the thoroughly corrupt New Orleans, but the rest of the three state area that was simply devastated by that hurricane. Did we see rioting? Looting? No. What we saw was civilized people coming together to help each other and the community. Before the storm even hit there were groups organizing housing for those would have lost their own and contact lists for the survivors. We saw churches and private organizations stepping up and helping to rebuild. And many still are. Sure there will be a few stinkers and bad spots here and there, that's just human nature, but overall, we are better than that.

Look at New York after 9/11. Did we see looting and wholesale violence against muslims? No. When there was a power outage shortly after that in New York, did we see violence and looting? No again. We saw Americans stepping up and helping each other. Directing traffic, offering rides to each other. We saw, in other words, calm and civilized behavior.

Why should any other scenario, short of invading troops from another nation, be any different? When we step back and look at the big picture, do we really think that Americans need such a thing as martial law? We the People are the authority behind our government. There is no situation in which the Constitution needs to be suspended. Our rights are unalienable and self evident. That means not subject to the whims of legislators of any rank run amok and mad with power. Shame on us for not removing them sooner, but that's another post.
 (We are a loyal and helpful and generous and, hopefully, faithful people, as God has been to us.)
The truth is that Americans, thanks be to God, are a resourceful, generous and self-reliant people. Even were we to suffer an EMP attack, I have no doubt that anyone with even an ounce of electrical know how will be working furiously to restore basic power as quickly as possible. Far from the years long, bombed back to the 18th century scenario many have suggested, I submit to you, gentle readers, that it would be only a few weeks or months at most before we were up and running again and more thankful than ever for the nation that has been God's gift to us. No. The only people rioting in the streets will be those who have been put up to it by those who see such behavior as a way to transition this nation from a republic to an oligarchy, and we can ignore them or corral them for the local authorities as we choose.

I submit, to you gentle readers, the notion that, by the very American exceptionalism that God gave us to make this nation great, we are better than that. Leave for middle eastern countries and communist nations the riots that such disturbances bring. Let us bring our game up and show the world how a nation that God has blessed should behave. Prepare and store food and supplies by all means, that's just common sense, but don't fall for the notion that neighbors should start shooting each other because the power went off.
( I would advise against assuming that we cannot or will not rise to our own and each other's defense-we are a family.). 
As for those nations that may be preparing to take advantage of such disruptions in America, that's why we will be keeping our Bibles open, our firearms cleaned, our skills sharp and our powder dry.

" And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious." ~ Isaiah 11:10

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