Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Not About Self Defense

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The 2nd amendment is not about self defense. Its purpose is to "make regular" or to create a citizen militia. (The word "regular" did not mean the same thing then as it does now.)  That is the function of the 2nd amendment, to recognize that every adult male IS a member of the militia as the founders of this nation understood it.
"A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves ... and include all men capable of bearing arms."

Richard Henry Lee - Senator, First Congress

"To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms..."

The idea was the same idea as they have in Switzerland, only without the mandatory service/training in a formal military because this nation was not to have a formal military. The Navy wasn't created until Thomas Jefferson's tenure as president. (And the self declared enemy that made that necessary was islam - as it is today.) The idea was that The People would be responsible enough and courageous enough in themselves to protect this nation.

"The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able may have a gun."

"Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense? Where is the difference between having our arms in possession and under our direction, and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?" Patrick Henry

 The People were to be a permanent militia which would be more than sufficient to the needs of this nation. One that is capable of repelling any invader who would be foolish enough to attack a free people. One that is capable of removing the types of power weasels who would be drawn to positions of authority in this nation.

"Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American...[T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people."
Tenche Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.

That is why any assault on the right to keep and bear arms is so egregious. That is why gun sales and ammo sales have skyrocketed since this administration was put in place. Not because those buying guns are violent or racist or rebels, but because The People can see the writing on the wall.

"You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe" John Adams

We see the continual and deliberate refusal of those in authority to enforce the law on themselves or their fellows in the criminal destruction of this nation. If the law will not be enforced equally at the highest levels, then we can be sure that it will not be long before it is selectively enforced at the local level - if such is not already the case.  

"Can the liberties of a nation be sure when we remove their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people, that these liberties are a gift from God? Thomas Jefferson

Mr. obama is seated in violation of the eligibility requirements of our Constitution. Ms. rodham-clinton is seated as SoS, also in violation of the Constitution. Mr. holder is allowed to skip out of any consequences for his egregious actions in Fast and Furious. We have testimony that the DOJ's office is enforcing the law selectively and then Mr. obama himself, acting as president, DIRECTS the DOJ to refuse to enforce our immigration law and sues a border state for acting when the federal government abdicates its responsibility to do so.

Now we see our people hung out to dry and abandoned to die in Benghazi, while the witnesses who escaped haven't been seen or heard from since. A traitor is appointed to replace the unconstitutionally seated Ms. r-c.  The Patriot act and the NDAA are used against the American people, while those whose stated goal is to bring down our miserable house from within are given aid and comfort and F-16s and tanks.

"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other." John Adams

We are not blind. This is the place where the rubber meets the road in the American experiment. Can We the People reclaim our government and restore the Constitutional limitations as they were meant to be, or will we go down the same road to destruction as all nations whose people have succumbed to the lethal Utopian philosophies of communism/socialism/fascism?

"Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that ever I took half the pains to preserve it." John Adams

It has come to the proving point for our unique form of government. Can We the People remove the traitors and power weasels who have taken positions of power and authority within the republic in accordance with the processes outlined in our founding documents - or will we be destroyed in the same manner as other nations who became dependent upon government largesse?

"For they know not to do right, saith the Lord, who store up violence and robbery in their palaces." Amos 3:10


Terry Morris said...
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Terry Morris said...

Also, to bolster your argument on the purpose of the Second Amendment, and the meaning of a "well-regulated Militia," see Mr. Hamilton's discourse on the subject in Federalist no. 29 in which we find these concluding passages:

[...] "This will not only lessen the call for military establishments, but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow-citizens. This appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army, AND THE BEST POSSIBLE SECURITY AGAINST IT, if it should exist." (emphasis mine)

So it is not just an invading army that the Second Amendment was designed to protect us against; it is, in point of fact, there to protect us against our own military (and/or paramilitary police forces), should the government ever use them to tyrannize Americans, or to disarm them as it were.

Call Me Mom said...

Welcome back to the internet Mr. Morris. You have been missed.