Thursday, November 6, 2014

And the GOP Hypocrisy Begins

I had much to say on Mr. mcconnell's comments shortly after the elections. (If you are so inclined, you may listen to the Nov 5th show on the sidebar.) I was hard pressed to say it without the use of profanity. My main thoughts, I have already posted on this blog under the title:  "Or Else What?".

 From Mr. mcconnell's remarks in his post election interview with Time - especially this one ""Notably, a full repeal of Obamacare was not on his mind, but rather a partial repeal through the appropriations process. Finally, he named his new top priority: keeping the Senate in 2016" "(emphasis mine) , it is clear that reversing the effects of this lawless current administration is not his top priority. In fact I wonder if reversing any of the horrifically egregious legislation passed by the 111th congress is on his - or the GOP's plate. Because it is clearly the GOP's plate and not America's. Otherwise the listed top priority would be considerably different. 

To be absolutely crystal clear, I think that top priority should be for the House and the Senate to bury the Oval Office under full repeals for deathcare. Not weaselly funding and appropriations bills-although do those too, by all means - but full repeal bills. There should be nothing else - with the exception of the protection of this nation's borders - on their plate until deathcare is gone. If  Mr. obama vetoes it, send him another one. Make his office so full of them that he signs one by mistake. Let there be stacks of them piled so high that the man cannot enter the office for the stacks of them. If he vetoes one, send it back for an overriding vote until the communist/democrat holdouts give in and do the right thing because of the sheer persistence of their colleagues and because their constituents are demanding it of them. Yes, people, it is time to get on the phones and flood their offices with demands -not requests- demands for full repeal. 

Because I am so very incensed by those remarks, and because I choose not to use the unladylike language which is currently the majority of what I am thinking in response to that reading, I am going to share the thoughts on this election and Mr. mcconnell's remarks from a twenty something young man of my acquaintance.
With his kind permission, the thoughts of young Mr. P. 

"Obviously one might expect me to be happy about yesterday's election results given how conservative I claim to be....I'm not sure though. As far as I can tell the Republican party has sold out and it's only a matter of time before they collapse. I no longer view Republicans as a conservative party, I view them as cheerleaders. Their greatest ambition in life seems to be gaining popularity more than doing what's right. I found Mitch McConnell's statement this morning rather unsettling. I hope that Republicans either miraculously start doing the right thing instead of trying to be popular or that this republican congress ticks people off so much that they lose everyone's support and the party collapses so we can finally get candidates who stand for something. It actually pains me a little bit to see the Republican landslide because I know it'll take at least one more pendulum swing before we start seeing candidates with integrity, and I don't know if America can take it. Impeach Obama. That is all." 

And after a few comments back and forth, he shared this in reaction to the quote above:

"Lol, and they're not going to keep the senate forever. Haven't they learned how a pendulum works? Mitch McConnell said a lot of stuff about how he wanted republicans and democrats to pass bills they both agreed on and find ways to work together. 
I'm sorry, but I don't elect my representatives/senators to go and avoid conflict. I elect them to represent my interests, and what I believe are the best interests of the nation. I elect them to do the right thing, not the convenient thing and not the thing we can all agree on. I don't elect them to wring their hands and do nothing when the acting president betrays our country, our citizens are in danger from within and without and the country has been sold out from under us. I don't elect them to pander to me and tell me everything is fine. And I don't elect them because of their party affiliation. I don't want them to get along with all the yahoos that are spending us into oblivion and supporting our moral degradation and destroying the constitution and taking away our liberty. I want them to fight and fight and fight and fight and keep fighting from day one until they are removed from office or die. If they don't, they are wusses, and the Republicans are the biggest wusses of all, and I'm sick of it. 
Rant over.
"He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness: but a false witness deceit." ~ Proverbs 12:17

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