Saturday, January 16, 2010

We the People or Obama the king?

A New York Times article entitled " In Health Talks, President Is Hands-Off No More " came out today.The first paragraph says: "President Obama has taken full control of the health care negotiations, casting himself for the first time in the role of mediator between the House and Senate during a 72-hour marathon of talks that have turned his White House into a de facto Congressional conference. "
How very nice that Congressional Democrats are willing to share what they are doing with the president, when they have been unwilling to show their employers, the American people, what they are doing to the future of our health care system.
I thought it was the role of Congress to craft legislation and the role of the president to give it his approval or his veto.

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. "~ Prov 29:2


Dr.D said...

I think that this is fully appropriate, Mom. They are all going to be unemployed and running for their very lives in a short time. The American people are absolutely fed up with this gang of traitors who fancy themselves to be princes, and it would not surprise me if many of them were eventually lynched. It would be appropriate in view of the scorn they have shown for Americans.

Call Me Mom said...

No, a lynch mob would not be appropriate. We are a nation of laws, Dr. D. It would be appropriate if they were tried for violation of their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution.

Dr.D said...

And who will try them, Mom, when we see that our entire system is compromised?

Do you honestly believe in the integrity of our judicial system any longer? I do not.

Do you believe in the integrity of Congress? I do not.

Do you believe in the integrity of the Executive branch? I do not.

I think a more correct statement would be that we WERE a nation of laws until we let the thugs take over the reins of government. At that point, we ceased to be a nation of laws any longer. I stand by the statement; I think a lynching is absolutely in order for most of them.

Call Me Mom said...

I think you underestimate the people, sir.

Dr.D said...

Which people did you have in mind, Mom?

Call Me Mom said...

The American people.
I know we have somewhat a difference of opinion regarding American exceptionalism, Dr.D.. I think we are still an exceptional people and I won't concede that. I think the American people still respect the Constitution and will abide by it's dictates, no matter how Congress, the current administration and it's minions behave.
That's the difference between America and the world. Personal responsibility in the citizenry. Yes, they elected the current crop and yes we have been lazy about defending our republic, but I think we are beginning to step up to the challenge of taking our country back and restoring our Constitutional principles.

A peaceful transition back to our founding principles would be preferable, but I don't think the people will shirk from the greater burden of armed enforcement of the Constitution if it should prove necessary.
If I thought anything else, why would I bother with this blog?

Dr.D said...

Perhaps this is one of the ones I have underestimated, Mom? The following is a comment from a Massachusetts web site:

comeonloyaldems 2 days ago
Listen, I know Martha isn't the perfect candidate. I didn't vote for her in the primary, I'm not stupid. I wish she hadn't dropped the ball on the curling iron child molester case, and I feel sorry for the little toddler. She's probably the weakest candidate the Democrat party could of come up with (how dumb do you have to be to let your staffer shove a reporter when there are cameras around! DUH) And I know Scott Brown's military service will sway some people but it's not like he's been in combat for 30 years, he has a desk job. Anybody could do that. But this is time to remember the big picture!!! Scott Brown will kill free healthcare for America!!!! He will let Ted Kennedy's dream die!!! Teddy fought for us for 40 years!!! God rest him, he wasn't perfect either but he loved us. Scott Brown doesn't love us, he loves an outdated piece of paper called the Constitution more than living breathing people who need free healthcare. I know it's hard to get excited about Martha and every day it seems like she says something stupid but LOYAL DEMOCRATS MUST VOTE MARTHA! DO NOT STAY HOME!!! We have to hold our nose and VOTE MARTHA or free healthcare for all is doomed. I am the first to admit, I was going to stay home but the stakes are too high. I don't want to vote for her, but look at it this way, she can keep Teddy's seat warm for 2 years, save free healthcare, and that gives us 2 years to come up with a better Democrat candidate with a cleaner record. And at least we don't have to worry about party loyalty with Martha. She's going to do exactly what the party tells her to do. So even if you don't like her personally at least you know that she will always vote with the party. We must keep a teabagger out of Teddy Kennedy's senate seat! Come on Democrats! We have to stick together! The party is talking about busing people in from other states to work the polls because we're not giving them enough support! This is not the time to get lazy! Remember what Ted Kennedy would of wanted! VOTE MARTHA!!!

Dr.D said...

Mom, you spoke about American exceptionalism.

I do believe that America was founded by exceptional people, people of rare wisdom and foresight. They put in place a system of government that has given us more freedom and opportunity than any the world has ever known. They worried from the very beginning about the stability of what they had created, and they did everything they could to keep it within the hands of a limited group of exceptional people. You will recall that the franchise was rather closely held, essentially limited to those who had a real stake it the success of the nation. Ever since the passing of that generation, men have worked ceaselessly to undermine what they put in place.

Particularly I would call your attention to the efforts being pushed hard in congress today to amnesty vast numbers of illegal aliens. (This is population replacement.) As this moves on to become a fact, we will have vast numbers of people with the power to vote who have no stake in this nation whatsoever, and who are in fact enemies of this nation. They have come here as thieves and robbers. This is in no way the original, exceptional group that founded and guided this nation.

I think we see all around us the overwhelming evidence that, although there are many fine people in America, as a people, Americans are just as venal as any other people on the face of the earth. They lie, cheat, deceive, bully, evade, etc., just like men do everywhere on earth. And why would they not? There is nothing unique left about them any more. We have absorbed the world, including much of the worst that the world has to offer.

We foolishly believed we could remain a shining city set on a hill while we dangled our toes in the mud. Not surprisingly, the shining city does not shine any longer. The mud runs in our streets.

Call Me Mom said...

Would you have me lose heart because those with poor reasoning ability and logic skills have just as much passion in their cause as I have in my own?

Take note of the polling numbers for that race, as the last time I checked Martha's opponent was doing very well. I would advise you also to remember that not all the colonists supported the revolutionary war. Mr. Adams' admonition to them is as pertinent to our opponents today.
"If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."
- Samuel Adams

I would hope that my own writings as well as those of my fellow conservative bloggers would suffice to show that American Exceptionalism is alive and well.
Kindly review the quote in the header of my blog. ""It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." I rest assured that we have such a minority and that the Lord supports our cause as He always has.
I will not concede the point, sir.

Dr.D said...

I did not really expect you to concede the point, Mom.

Soapbox Jill said...

@ Mom, My heart goes with your faith in the American people. I think only a faction of them deserve our faith, and we had better be active among them. Do not give up. We should "not go gently into that goodnight," but "rage, rage, against the dying of the light!" Keep heart. (The Racine Tea Party Bonfire rekindled hope in me last weekend. Were you there?)

@ Dr. D., you've clinched the most important front on the horizon: making illegal immigrants legal, and changing the voter balance for years, if not, ever. But that battle is not yet. It is coming. Would you give up without a fight?

Call Me Mom said...

Jill, thanks for your comments. I was not there. Too much keeping me busy to attend a good many of the meetings I would like to see. Will you be attending the S.L.C's upcoming event? I may be able to attend that one.

soapboxjill said...

What's slc?

Call Me Mom said...

S.L.C. is the Sheboygan Liberty Coalition. They used to be the Sheboygan TEA Party organization, but voted to change their name to the Sheboygan Liberty Coalition. They've adopted a nifty new logo too.

Soapbox Jill said...

I've not connected with them, busy with family, writing, music and research projects. I'll check out their info. Thanks.