Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union?

I still don't know what the state of the Union is after watching Mr. Obama's speech. It seemed to be more of an exercise in insulting the American people, the Supreme Court and those members of Congress who refuse to do his bidding, than an update on where we are now.

I will freely admit that I did not watch the entire speech. We were at a Bible study during the first bit and when we got home, my three lie/speech limit was quickly reached. (Actually my son was working on his SOTU Barack Bingo card and had to shush me. His exact words were "Mom, I can't hear if he's saying anything on my card with you back there saying "liar, liar, pants on fire".

Here are just a few of the bits that really annoyed me.:
The overwhelming evidence for global warming - Has no one told Mr. Obama that when the base information for a scientific conclusion can be shown to be fallacious or questionable that the conclusion then becomes fallacious/questionable as well?

I refuse to pass this burden on to future generations - The deficit/debt has been regulated to the point that it will double under his administration, with his encouragement and approval and he can comment about not wanting to pass on burdens to future generations?

No lobbyists in my administration. There are at least 12 former professional lobbyists employed by this administration.

Transparency - Really?, then where is the C-Span coverage of the closed door meetings on healthcare?

We must increase our exports by ?% - Does he think he can force the citizens of other countries to consume more of our products legislatively?

America must lead - And I'm to take this seriously from a man who has spent a part of nearly every international trip he has taken apologizing for America?

Does this man, or his speechwriters, believe that none of the American people can remember things longer than a goldfish? But at least I'm not a member of the SCOTUS or Congress who had to sit there politely while he insulted them to their faces. So, I wonder what the state of the union is when the individual currently sitting in the office of the president believes such behavior is appropriate for this speech.

"He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness: but a false witness deceit"~Proverbs 12:17


Dr.D said...

Mom, you are a glutton for punishment! I refuse to listen to any thing that impostor says at all. I know a priori that it will be one lie after another, and I just really do not like listening to such nonsense. I makes me angry and gets me riled up, all for naught.

In the past, real Presidents have used the SOTU as an opportunity to discuss where we are and to propose new ideas, the outlines for more specific legislation that the intend to submit to Congress in the near future. This impostor does not submit legislation to Congress; he asks Congress to write all the bills with his meddling. For him and his rather generous staff to actually draft the legislation would just be work, and that would be BORING for a man of his vast talents and short attention span.

All The Won knows how to do is talk. Most of the time he tells lies, some of the time he insults people, and when he is in a creative mood, he tells lies that insult people. He did that the other night.

The only real positive in the evening was Alioto's mouthed response that has gotten more press than everything that The Won said combined. It was true, in contrast to everything that The Won said. In that setting, truth sticks out like a sore thumb!

Dr.D said...

In that last paragraph, I should have referred to Justice Alito, not Alioto.

Call Me Mom said...

What can I say? I was raised to try and be a good listener.

Dr.D said...

I'm sure you were, Mom, but I'm sure you were also raised not to waste time. So, there is a bit of conflict here, isn't there?

I'm glad you listened, and many others as well. That way I did not need to, and I still know far more than I really wanted to know about it.

Soapbox Jill said...

I listened but could not listen, if that makes any sense. The lies out of his mouth, and the insults, did not stick with me.
On the contrary, I sometimes turn on C-Span and hang on every word of various politicians to better understand the situation and their positions.

Guess I understand the President well enough to know it's not what he says, but what he does, that is most important, and worth watching like a hawk.