Friday, April 30, 2010

Arizona's "New" Law

There seems to be quite a lot of uproar about Arizona's "new" law. I have to wonder how many of those protesting so vociferously are aware that this "new" law is nearly the same as the federal law that has been on the books for some time now. The only difference is that Arizona, tired of waiting for the federal government to do their job and actually enforce the federal law, has made it possible for agents of state level law enforcement to do that job too.

The lack of enforcement on the federal level seems like just one more indicator that the federal government of this nation has broken the contract with the people. The people elect legislators who are to govern "by the consent of the governed". These legislators all take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. I don't see a whole lot of protection or defense out of the Obama administration or the 111th Congress for that venerable document, nor much respect for the governed either. Breach of contract is a serious thing in business, how much more grave is it when the breach is between We the People and those who have been elected to do our will.

I also can't help but wonder how many of those protesting this "racist" and "inhumane" law have really thought through the issue of illegal immigration. I have stated my opinion in previous posts to this blog and others. My opinion is basically that illegals are an overall detriment to this country. They drag down the character of her citizens and provide fodder for gangs and other groups that engage in illegal activities. Their children cannot expect legal employment or education, as they lack a social security number. The adults cannot perform the duties of citizenship for fear of being discovered and deported. Those who employ them are tempted to treat them as slaves, knowing that these people have made victims/slaves of themselves by coming here illegally.

I have to wonder, too, how these protesters can square their "humanitarian arguments against the pleas of those families left behind in Mexico? I am also very tired of everyone denigrating Christians for what they perceive as unchristian behavior, when, by my observations, most of those who claim the title of Christian today have no idea what they believe or why aside from some lovey dovey, goody-goody, "a Christian must be nice to everyone and never say anything mean" requirement.

True Christianity confronts evil and does not remain silent when people are behaving in a way that harms themselves or others.

"This he said, not that he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and had the bag, and bare what was put therein." ~ John 12:6


Dr.D said...

The people in the border states, and Arizona in particular, are being subjected to horrible things by this steady stream of illegal aliens. They have frequent murders, rapes, burglaries, home occupancies, vandalism, not to mention the cost in terms of trashing the countryside, public services, hospitals, etc.

Sad to say, it is not just the Obama administration that is at fault here; this policy goes back many, many years. We have had a wide open border for a very long time. It seems to be connivance between certain businesses and the government, businesses that take advantage of the cheap labor and suffer no consequences for bringing these people into our communities. Both Dems and Reps have connived with them to bring in illegals by the thousands, and there is simply no justification for it.

Except for one: All of our "leaders" for a very long time have been pushing the New World Order, and this ties right into that like a hand in a glove. Both Bushes, Clinton, and now Obama are all ardent NWO fans. We have long been betrayed by our leaders.

When Tommy Thompson was running for President (it seems like a long time ago, but it really was not that far back), at a campaign stop, I asked him to tell us what he knew about the New World Order. He simply poo-poohed the whole idea and blew me off. That convinced me right there that it was all true, and sure enough, it is.

DR said...

Expertly said. I too am growing tired of the Leftist Christians and especialy priests, as I am Catholic, claiming we have to support the breaking of our laws to be Christian. All they are doing is supporting crime and the enslavement of the Mexican people to a corrupt government and greedy businesses.

There will never be a change in the Mexican government until they are unable to export millions of their own people and live off the earnings sent home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Belanne,

As your loving cousin, I have to lovingly disagree with your post. I think we should recognize that we are a nation built of immigrants, that immigrants serve vital functions in our society, and embrace them with increased grace and respect. There is definitely need for immigration law reform, to correct some of the serious problems you address but the law in Arizona is not a good step in my mind.

Annie ; )

Leviticus 19:33-34 (NIV) "When an alien lives with you in your land, do not mistreat him. The alien living with you must be treated as one of your native-born. Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt. "

Call Me Mom said...

@Dr. D. I have heard from some folks who live on the borders. They say they cannot leave the house without arming themselves. They cannot keep a dog to warn them of trespassers because ,in addition to helping themselves to border farmer's livestock, these invaders will kill the dogs. Our government's first priority needs to be the safety of this nation.

@Dr ,
You hit the nail on the head, it is enslavement when employers hire these folks. These people are not ready to take on the responsibilities of citizenship in a free society, they prove this by failing to understand that they have made themselves and their families into slaves and victims by their method of entry.

I respect your right to disagree. (And I appreciate the courtesy of your comment-but then what else would I expect from you? )
We were built by immigrants who wanted to become Americans, not those who wanted to get what they could without subjecting themselves to the responsibilities of good citizenship. These are not the same kind of immigrants that this country saw in the earlier waves. The attitude is markedly different and not conducive to the support of our republic, in my opinion.

Dr.D said...

To speak specifically to Annie's post and the Leviticus quote contained therein, let me first say that it is completely irrelevant. Read it: it speaks of "an alien lives with you in your land," not an invader who comes to rape, murder, plunder and bring illicit drugs into your land which is what a great many of these illegal aliens do. Yes, I know that not all of them do those things, but many do, and all illegals are, by definition, here against the law (that is what it means to be illegal). This is simply not the "alien who lives (peacefully) with you in your land."

There will continue to be legal immigration; the new law does not stop that. It is an effort simply to enforce existing laws, nothing at all more than that. It comes about because the Federal government has defaulted on its responsibility to protect America, specifically the citizens of Arizona, from invasion by dangerous, violent, people willing to break our laws to enter our country.

A country unwilling to enforce its border is no country at all. It is simply overrun, and that is what is happening to the USA right now.

Call Me Mom said...

@ Annie,
I didn't want to leave your Biblical reference unaddressed.
The aliens in Leviticus were not violating the law as they were in the land. I know of no passages in the Bible that advocate allowing those strangers who may sojourn in your land to break the laws of the land. The strangers that the Bible referred to were expected to live according to the laws of the land just as were the people.
These folks do not have to break the law to come here to work. There are processes in place for that. They may be long and inconvenient processes, but they are our processes and our law. If someone does not respect your law, why should they be welcome?

If a stranger (Not a friend or an aquaintance, but an adult you had never met.) walked into your house, would they be breaking the law to have entered your house without your permission? Would such an intruder in your home be welcome, even if they were ever so polite? I tend to think they would not. This is no different.

I do have to thank you though, because your comment has given me food for thought and, after I have chased that train of thought to the end of it's track, I may post on it.

Edmund S. said...

Re: "I am also very tired of everyone denigrating Christians for what they perceive as unchristian behavior, when, by my observations, most of those who claim the title of Christian today have no idea what they believe or why..."

As for me, I am very tired of everyone denigrating Americans for what they perceive as unamerican behavior, when, by my observations, most of those who claim the title of American today have no idea what the Constitution says or why.

Call Me Mom said...

Sad, isn't it, Edmund? When the Constitution is nearly as available as the Bible.

Call Me Mom said...

This link is for you and everyone else who has no idea of what's really going on in Arizona and other border states.

To provide for the common defense is such a basic duty of government that it is included in the preamble to the Constitution. The Congress, in refusing to fund immigration enforcement to the degree necessary for the enforcement of our laws, has created this situation. Arizona is only doing what the federal agencies charged with the protection of our borders have been unable, through the malfeasance of Congress in this matter, to do.

While I am yet free said...

Well, now there's a question for a whole other post... Which is more available in unabridged form, the Bible or the Constitution of the United States? On the one hand, Islamic regimes ban the Bible in whole and Communist regimes ban it almost completely. On the other hand, as seen on the White House's own website, the Bill of Rights is treated with the same care as a Black&Decker lawn tractor.

I suspect that the US Constitution is more readily accessible to the world's population than the Bible, though not for long.