Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time for TEA

Here are some photos from the TEA Party in Madison on Thursday. I will endeavor to get the videos posted to YouTube by the end of today. They can be found under the username CEMF100. This first batch belongs to the folks taking the bus arranged by the Sheboygan Liberty Coalition.

This second batch are signs from the rally in Madison.


That's it for my photos. There was one young woman carrying a sign that said "Help me Mr. Obama, They want to make me work and stuff!" on one side and "I am not your ATM!" on the other.
As with my other TEA Party experiences, this one was well attended by a very polite and congenial group of people who picked up after themselves when they left.

I was pleased to note that Pastor King refrained from using the vulgar terms to describe our elected officials and our predicament that he has used in the past. Indeed, aside from a few references to hades by a couple of the speakers, the only vulgarity I heard all day was from one of the Feingold supporters who was making a nuisance of herself.

She and her fellow youth(My guess would be university students) barged through the crowd shouting cheerfully "We're all neighbors , people!" When they were a little ahead of me, they stopped and were greeted with smiles and questions about whether or not they are even old enough to pay taxes. Then someone near me had a sign saying "Democrats" with an arrow pointing down that he held over their heads. The leader of this little group kept trying to grab it, but wasn't tall enough. Another attendee told some of the folks with larger signs to stop blocking their signs from view of the podium (and cameras) remarking that they have the freedom of speech too. As these young people tired of trying to provoke a response and were leaving, the young woman(I won't say lady) turned to someone and, in an entirely different tone than she had used to push through the crowd towards the podium, snarled "go f*** yourself"to the man behind me. This man, to the best of my knowledge, had said nothing more provoking to her than "come back when you've grown up and pay taxes". It was not said in a nasty way either, but rather as a kindly adult to an erring youth. This is a perfect illustration of the difference in character between TEA Partiers and those who oppose them.
Enjoy the photos.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. "~ Ephesians 6:12


Dr.D said...

Lots of good pictures, Mom. I was hoping that you were there. I heard that Madison was one of the largest Tea Parties in the nation. I think that is somewhat amazing, given the Leftward bent of Wisconsin in general and Madison in particular. I'm glad you were there. I'm sure it was fun.

Call Me Mom said...

It was a grand time. Very refreshing to see that kind of turnout in Madison. I have heard that at least one legislator was brought to his senses regarding a peice of legislation the governor wants to pass. I'm hoping there were more.

Soapbox Jill said...

Great pictures. Glad you're getting out to these events. I'm fighting health stuff, so am out of the political ring for now.

Call Me Mom said...

I'm sorry to hear it, Jill. I'll keep you in my prayers.