Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Racism or Poor Layout?

I have received feedback on the earlier post, stating that the real thing is much more self explanatory than my description.
So, in the interest of veracity, I have scanned the article from the Sheboygan Press with the accompanying advertisements. Please note that I take the position that this was just poor layout especially when you look at the railroad ad that runs beneath both article and pig ad which seems to be reinforcing Sheriff Clarke's message.

All in all it gave me a good chuckle, knowing as I do, that the Sheboygan Press is often referred to in these parts as "The Sheboygan Mess". 

As to the semi-accusatory tone of the article's headline, the proper response is: "Of course the taxpayers are covering that public service announcement, just as they do all the others. What kind of nonsense is this? Do they think that taxpayers should only have to pay for messages they want to hear in public service announcements? Don't be ridiculous.

"Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them." ~ Psalm 126:2

Monday, February 25, 2013

Personal Responsibility vs Dependence

Today the Sheboygan Press ran an article with a photo about Milwaukee County Sheriff Joe Clarke. The link I included does not show the advertisement that was posted directly to the left of the article and directly below the photo of Sheriff Clarke. It was an ad showing the silhouette of a pig in black with the words "Black Pig" in a large font underneath. The next line, in a much smaller font, read "Casual comfort Food With a Twist", and under that, there was a section of the ad box that was solid black with the word "oink!" in big white letters. (I do not know if the restaurant I linked to is related to the ad, but I couldn't find such a restaurant in the local phone book or anything else on-line and I even ditched startpage and tried google for you) (Correction made to the second line of the ad on 2/25.13)

Personally, I think this is just a case of poor layout review-probably due to the fact that whoever was doing the layout either didn't look at the article or the placement didn't strike them as a commentary on the article.(Which is as it should be in today's world.) I believe that is the case, although my youth spent in the Berkeley of the Midwest seems to have sensitized me to it. It made me chuckle though and here is why.

The Sheboygan Press, like the great majority of main stream media outlets, is seriously biased towards the progressive side of the spectrum. That means they are part of those raising the hue and cry against Sheriff Clarke for doing his duty by the people of Milwaukee county. He told them that they need to (gasp) take responsibility for their own safety, because due to the layoff of several officers and decreased hours for others, 911 may no longer be your best option in an emergency.

On first hearing, this was not at all controversial or even remarkable. Of course an individual is responsible for their own safety, first and foremost. Law enforcement is a backup plan and always has been. Or so I thought. Apparently this simple, truthful announcement set off a firestorm of controversy. Puzzling to be sure.

 Then, it became apparent why this statement is being viewed with such alarm by the main stream media and government in general. It is because, in order for the American Experiment in self government to fail, the people must become dependent upon the government rather than themselves.

Rather than acknowledging the entrepreneurial and independent nature of the founding generation of this nation, what have our children been taught now for decades? Go to school, go to college, get good a job with good benefits and retire. That's the American dream these days. (Job should be a dirty word, but that's another post. ) What else is part of the American dream, as dreamed by the progressive/communist/socialist/Gramsci Marxist enemies that have had near complete control of our school system for decades now? The idea that the government is there to take care of you. "Government is mother. Government is father." If you are under 40, those last few sentences probably mean nothing to you. They represent what children were taught in  the U.S.S.R. before the fall of the Berlin wall.

Why is that important? Because if you are dependent upon the government, the government controls you. The American Experiment is about putting the people in control of the government. If we wanted the government to control our every action, we would still be subjects of the crown. In order to create their Utopian fantasy world, the progressives MUST have a people that is dependent on the government. May Americans never be that people. Historically, every time governments attempt the Utopian nonsense that those currently in control of our school systems advocate, it has resulted in the deaths of millions of people- people killed by their own governments. Every. Single. Time.

Getting back to the article at the top of this post, it made me chuckle because, if the ad placement had been meant as a racist and anti law enforcement slur, that would mean that the progressives were being racist towards a member of the melanin blessed among us, in stark contrast to what they preach because said member of their preferred dependent class wasn't pushing their nonsense. I found that amusing and ironic.

So, Sheriff Joe Clarke, Thank you for doing the right thing and for alerting your constituents to their increased need for self defense options. And thank you for living in reality as opposed to those who clearly do not. Freedom isn't safe. It never was and never will be, on the individual level. On the national level, however, it is leaps and bounds safer than anything else.

 If you are currently on the government dole-get off. Provide for yourself and your family. If your state is bending the knee the to the feds in order to get fed money(our own money back after a chunk has been removed for bureaucratic nonsense), tell your governors and your legislature to stop taking it. Tell them to collect federal taxes at the state level and then refuse to send them until the feds abide by the Constitution. Do it now. It is a matter of life and death.

"But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel." ~1 Timothy 5:8