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Father Guy Pages on Islam and the West

"At the moment, the nations of Europe that resist islamization are the countries that still have a strong Christian identity.And this after the murderous madness of the revolution, which wanted to kill the church and make a clean sweep of the past.

As if it were possible to forget history! As if history doesn't matter!  As if Christ were nothing!

But without memory, there is no identity. A slave has no identity. He is an object. And islam, like globalism, wants to make us slaves!"

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Why Isn't There a Palestinian State?

It's a win-win-win for the so called palestinians now, why would they want to change it? They get to bomb Israel with impunity and collect all sorts of aid money and get all the good press.

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BREAKING: UN is Sneaking in Diseased Syrian Refugees at Night and Trump ...

"Many people, including myself, believe that this is an intentional device used to invade the United States of America"
"I learned that there was no vetting done at all ... many come into the country with diseases -they come in with tuberculosis, leprosy, HIV, Giardia, smallpox, polio, communicable diseases - apart from giardia, which is a parasite..."

A Response to the New Atheists

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Marine Sanctuary or Federal Power Grab?

This  video is a presentation on the current attempt by NOAA to create a Marine Sanctuary in Lake Michigan to protect historic shipwrecks. At least that is the visible part of the iceberg that is NOAA and other federal agencies. What such sanctuaries (and national parks and etc) are actually doing is  seizing control over state resources to the detriment of state sovereignty. 

"There is nothing oftner misleads Men, than a misguided Zeal; it is an ignis fatuus, a false fire, which often leads Men into Boggs and Precipices; it appears in the Night, in dark and ignorant and weak minds, and offers it self a guide to those who have lost their way; it is one of the most ungovernable Passions of Human Nature, and therefore requires great knowledge and judgment to manage it, and keep it within bounds. It is like fire, a good Servant, but a bad Master; if it once get head it confumes and devours all before it; and the great danger and mischief of it is, that it is most commonly found where it should not be, and possess those most, who are least fit to govern it; and most frequently employed about what it should not be . . ." ~ Arch-Bishop Tillotson

The state of Wisconsin has done very well managing it's resources and in protecting shipwrecks along our shoreline. We do not need any "help" from the federal government. Especially when such help includes helping us right out of practices codified in our state constitution - namely the taking of game and fish in accordance with local and state regulations. 

And yet, here come the feds with their innocuously named program - a name designed to make people "feel" good about it - and, no doubt, federal money in the form of grants and other aid to seal the deal. A deal which will bring large swaths of our natural resources under federal control. Federal control that could include fines of up to $100,000/day for any violations of their regulations.

"§922.45   Penalties.

(a) Each violation of the NMSA or FKNMSPA, any regulation in this part, or any permit issued pursuant thereto, is subject to a civil penalty of not more than $ 100,000. Each day of a continuing violation constitutes a separate violation.

(b) Regulations setting forth the procedures governing administrative proceedings for assessment of civil penalties, permit sanctions, and denials for enforcement reasons, issuance and use of written warnings, and release or forfeiture of seized property appear at 15 CFR part 904.

[60 FR 66877, Dec. 27, 1995, as amended at 62 FR 4607, Jan. 30, 1997]" 

$100,000 per violation per day? How is that in accordance with the US Constitution which states:"Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."?

The constitution of the state of Wisconsin states:
"The people have the right to fish, hunt, trap, and take game subject only to reasonable restrictions as prescribed by law. "

What right does the Governor or even the legislature have to turn over regulatory control of any part of Lake Michigan (Or any part of the rest of the state for that matter) to an unaccountable federal agency? Especially when that very agency has such a tyrannical history, once given such authority?
NOAA will not be working under the laws, rules and regulations of the state of Wisconsin, which are adequate to protect our resources and backed by local knowledge and input, but by federal regulations created by a one-size-fits-all mentality, which will be wielded like bludgeons against any individual who ventures to request a permit through their processes or who - even inadvertently or to save a life - violates one of their regulations. Further, NOAA is an unelected federal agency, over whom the people of Wisconsin will have no control or recourse, should we come to regret the decision to allow them in.

Shouldn't such a decision rest with the people of the state of Wisconsin? If the people are to be expected to abide by the dictates of NOAA, then the people - all the people of Wisconsin deserve to have a say in that decision because it will affect all of us.  

The people in Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Manitowoc and Kewaunee counties need to be paying attention. The velvet glove says increased tourism and money and jobs will come to you if you cooperate, but the iron fist will incrementally eat away at every one of the ways you utilize and enjoy Lake Michigan over time.

Go to , search for NOAA-NOS-2016-0150 click on the "comment now" button and leave a comment, because the public input time is running out. Let them know that you want a say in this decision and more, that you want truthful information regarding NOAA regulations and authority over these marine sanctuaries.

"12 These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; " ~ Jude 1:12

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Stay Free #32 | Following The Spirit

Thinking about Marriage

On thinking about marriage, specifically the idea that sex is a sacrament, the question of why that is arose. It has been said for centuries that sex is a sacrament of marriage, but how often does one stop to actually think about what that means and why it might be so?

Sacrament, according to, has several meanings. 
1. Ecclesiastical. a visible sign of an inward grace, especially one of the solemn Christian rites considered to have been instituted by Jesus Christ to symbolize or confer grace: the sacraments of the Protestant churches are baptism and the Lord's Supper; the sacraments of the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches are baptism, confirmation, the Eucharist, matrimony, penance, holy orders, and extreme unction.

2. (often initial capital letter). Also called Holy Sacrament. the Eucharist or Lord's Supper.

3. the consecrated elements of the Eucharist, especially the bread.

4. something regarded as possessing a sacred character or mysterious significance.

5. a sign, token, or symbol.

6. an oath; solemn pledge." 

The meaning most likely to apply to the monogamus sex in a marriage would be numbers 4-6.

 Marriage is defined by monogamy. Mostly because the birth control options available today were not available throughout most of recorded history but also because the family unit consisting of a married father and mother and children turns out to be the most successful.

 The contract of marriage - and marriage IS a contract - is one regarding the production of children. It is a contract whose terms state that the utilization of one's bodily resources for the production of children will only be used with the other party to the contract.

Meaning number 6 is obvious enough, the usual oath or pledge of marriage is "forsaking all others" . 

Meaning number 5  refers to sexual monogamy as a sign, token or symbol that the contract is between only the two people making it. It is a sign to the rest of the world that you are no longer available as a spouse.  It is a token to each other of the dedication necessary to maintain a marriage for life and possibly raise a family. It is a symbol of the bonds that the two parties to the contract agree to in order to have a successful marriage. 

And meaning number 4 is the act of sex itself. It is a sacred act of mysterious (as well as obvious) significance because sex is the act by which new people are brought into the world. 

Isn't that a marvelous thing? Bringing a new person into the world is not always just bringing that person into the world, but all of the potential offspring of that new person as well. How could there be anything more holy, more sacred than that? 

The Jewish culture regards saving a life as saving a whole world because you may not be saving just the life of that one person, but the lives of all their potential offspring and generations beyond that as well. If that is the case for saving someone's life, then how could starting someone's life be less wonderful and holy? 

Our current culture has become so obsessed with avoiding having children (tragically to the point of actually killing them in the womb) that many young people seem to regard having a family as a disaster. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes it is difficult,  which is an excellent reason to marry - so that you have a partner in the adventure as well as a greater chance of success - but so is almost anything that is really worth doing.  

Children are the hardest, best and most rewarding adventure in this lifetime. You can climb Everest as many times as your wallet lets you, but can it compare to the depths of sheer endurance of forever letting your heart go walking around outside your body, as Author Elizabeth Stone once put it?

Motherhood in particular has been so thoroughly demeaned and ridiculed by those with an agenda to push, that it is become altogether unfashionable. This is not only wrong, but dangerous to the nation as a whole. A nation needs children, and more, it needs children who have been trained by loving parents to be good people as well as good, informed citizens. Stay-at -home parents do yeoman's work in shaping the next generation. 

Life is precious and sex is and should be a sacrament of marriage because it brings new life into the world. The agenda pushers seem to have forgotten how valuable that is on all levels. Parenthood is and should be a badge of honor and perhaps it is time to remind the culture of that fact. 

"16 And I will bless her, and give thee a son also of her: yea, I will bless her, and she shall be a mother of nations; kings of people shall be of her." ~ Gen 17:16

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Is Obamagate part of a Coup?

When the SCOTUS destroyed the rule of law they destroyed the nation. What we are seeing now is just the demolition crews. 

And "misunderestimated"?  [sigh]

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Good. Let it die and may we all learn from it. It should have been called deathcare because it was designed to be a way for the government to legally kill people. Oh sure it would be all about optimum approved treatment plans and cost effectiveness in the propaganda, but the end result would be the government killing people.

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