Saturday, August 13, 2022

You Should Be Worried About THIS from the IRS | Louder With Crowder

Kim & Pete Show the Problem of Sex w/o Commitment

Do you know?

Muhammad’s REAL NAME is Qutham! - Rob Christian - Episode 6

We’re Going Warp Speed Down the Slippery Slope

How do they think they are going to pay for all the lawsuits? Because that's a very permanent "solution" to what is most likely a very temporary problem.

BREAKING NEWS: Author Salman Rushdie Stabbed in New York

Ben Shapiro: Marxism Can't Work In America.

This Is Just Merrick Garland’s Version of Revenge

Interview with an Apostate - Annie Cyrus

ArriveCAN horror story: $5,000 fine and COVID camp internment threats

Why They STILL Want To Kill Salman Rushdie

Farrell: New York AG Targeting Trump w/ "Fishing Expedition" Probe

Congressman Grothman Debate on the Inflation Reduction Act

Quartet Set of Suits: Doctors Are Fighting Back - Viva Clips

Kyle Shideler on the death of Zawahiri and the future of US policy in th...

David McCullough is History: Why His Positive Portrayals Still Irk Criti...

Show announcements, update and improv jam 8-12-22

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Un-Presidented: FBI Executes Search Warrant for Trump's Presidential Pap...

This Is Approaching the Level of a Constitutional Crisis

Libs: “Don’t Call Us Out for Something We Clearly Do!”

Dr Christian's Appeal for Parents - Viva Clips

TRAILER: 'The Boer' documentary explores the roots and consequences of t...

Sen. Lisa Murkowski Secret Support of Ranked Voting EXPOSED "She stayed ...

They Don't Want You To See This

The FBI raid of Donald Trump's home shows the double standard only Trump...

Don’t Let Them Gaslight You

Muhammad Was a Pedophile! - David Wood - Episode 5

End The Monkeypox Stigma!

Confessed Trans Drug Dealer Offers Minors Hormone Pills

FBI Raids Trump’s Home at Mar-a-Lago

The FBI Better Get Out Here With the Evidence

When Acceptance Culture is Taken to the EXTREME

SHOCKING: Gay Couple Adopted Kids For The UNTHINKABLE

This Won't Be The End

Friday, August 5, 2022

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Why The West Won #shorts

Integrity Is REQUIRED To Be a Man

NYT Complains Court Used ‘Erroneous Premise’ in Attempt to Justify Litig...

cLiMaTe cHaNgE #FearSells

This is Pathological: Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on 'NOT' Buildi...

Biden Finishing Border Wall Parts Isn’t About Ending Illegal Immigration...

Now It Makes Sense

Tax Freedom in Puerto Rico

Father of Cheerleader Choked Out by Trans Cheerleader Claims Daughter Is...

It's About Time: Pink Pantsuit Pelosi Steps onto Taiwan Tarmac, Triggers...

Re-Arming Teachers: Protecting Children Goes Beyond Concealed-Carry to C...

The Hadith Admits Aisha’s Prepubescent State! - David Wood - Episode 4

The INSIDIOUS Truth Behind TikTok

How to NOT Give Compliments To Your Wife


Manners are the basis of polite society. This sort of thing undermines the trust that is the bedrock of every facet of western society. It isn't just disgusting, it's dangerous.

White Pills of the Week with Robert Barnes - Viva Clips