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Testimony of Ali Harhadi from Islamic Darkness to the Light of Christ!

Jacinda Ardern's government 'slowly unravelling' and 'losing its popular...

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

― C. S. Lewis

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Music at the Marv: Beloit Janesville Symphony

Congratulations to Mr. Cody Linder on the debut of "Free America."
"Our country was born with struggle and strife. With every social and political conflict, songs have played a very important part. The Revolutionary War was no exception. “Free America!” is a medley of five of those important tunes that played an important role during this country’s struggle for independence from British rule.
This medley starts with “The Liberty Song.” This tune is one of the earliest patriotic songs in the thirteen colonies. The lyrics were written by founding father John Dickinson in the summer of 1768. "The Liberty Song" is set to the tune "Heart of Oak" by William Boyce, which remains as the official march of the Royal Navy to this day. Many colonial tunes during this time were set to well-known British melodies, as it was a sure way to ensure that the tunes would get sung. It became an anthem throughout the Revolution and was used that summer to help American colonists call to action against the Townshend Acts, which imposed strict revenue-raising taxes on goods imported from England. "The Liberty Song" was so well known at the time, that even John Adams would attend a banquet in 1769 and wrote in his diary that he "Dined with 350 Sons of Liberty in Robinson's Tavern in Dorchester. There was a large collection of good company. We had "The Liberty Song" (Dickinson's) and the whole company joined in the chorus." While the song calls for unity among the American colonists, the song calls for people to contribute their money, not their lives, to the struggle of liberty.
In Freedom we're born and in Freedom we'll live.
Our purses are ready. Steady, friends, steady;
Not as slaves, but as Freemen our money we'll give.
The composer for the tune of "The Liberty Tree" is unknown, but the poem the tune was set to was written in 1775 by American founding father Thomas Paine. Paine's poem was written in honor of the Liberty Tree, a famous elm tree that stood in Boston in the years leading up to the American Revolution. The tree was a symbol and a rallying point for the growing resistance and defiance to British rule over American colonies. It was namely used by the Sons of Liberty, a political organization founded to advance the rights of American colonists and to fight British taxation, an organization in which Thomas Paine was an important member of. The Liberty Tree became a well known symbol of the American Revolution, and many other colonial towns would designate their own Liberty Trees to commemorate and stand with those who stood defiantly against British rule. The song tells a celestial tale of this tree, and how it became a temple for those who desired to fight for Liberty. The song also warns against those who wish "To cut down this guardian of ours." In August of 1775, this very thing would happen when American colonists who remained loyal to the British crown (known as Loyalists) cut down the Liberty Tree.
"Free America" (pronounced 'Free Americay' in the text) is another song set to a British tune, "The British Grenadiers," which was a tune known well to many American colonists. This song was used to inspire courage in American volunteers for the colonial army to fight against the British. The lyrics were written and published in colonial newspapers by Dr. Joseph Warren in 1774, a physician and an important figure in the American Revolution, who was a leader in Patriot organizations in Boston and served as President of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress. It was also him who was responsible for dispatching Paul Revere on his famous midnight ride! He would enlist as a private soldier for the colonial militia, and Warren would be killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill at the age of thirty-four.
Yankee Doodle, perhaps the most well-known American tune from the Revolutionary War also began as a British tune. It was one that was used to boost morale in the British troops. one used by the British to mock the American "Yankees" with which they saw as disheveled and disorganized simpletons. When the colonial troops heard the strains of the familiar tune, it would blatantly give the British position away to them and it let them know that the British were mocking them. The famous first verse might at first glance seem like nonsense:
Yankee Doodle went to town
A-riding on a pony,
Stuck a feather in his cap
And called it macaroni.
"Doodle," referred to anybody who was seen as a fool or simpleton. "Stuck a feather in his cap" is a reference to the American soldiers who would stick feathers in their cap and would be a point of mockery from the British. When the British would call them "macaronis," they were referring to someone who was used to describe a fashionable man who dressed and spoke in an outrageous fashion. However, the song would also become an American colonists as a song of defiance, and added their own verses to sing right back at the British troops. Eventually, the song would become an American song of national pride. The new words of Yankee Doodle would be written in 1775 by Edward Bangs, a sophomore at Harvard who served as a minuteman at Lexington. In October of 1781, a notable performance of Yankee Doodle would happen after the siege of Yorktown, where the British soldiers were defeated. The surrendered British soldiers refused to pay the American soldiers any heed, only looking at the French soldiers that were present. The famous French military officer, Marquis de Lafayette was outraged at this attitude by the British soldiers. He then ordered his own band to play "Yankee Doodle" in response to taunt the British. When they did so, the British soldiers had no choice but to at last look upon the victorious Americans.
The final tune of this medley, “Chester,” is a patriotic choral anthem written by William Billings. Billings, a tanner from Boston, was also a singing master, composer and a devout supporter of liberty for the Colonies. He was one of the first American choral composers and is considered the father of American choral music. Billings composed over 100 choral anthems, psalm tunes, set pieces and hymns between 1770 and 1794, which became very popular in their heyday. But his forceful, ecstatic and stirring 1770 hymn "Chester" would become the first and one of the most iconic anthems of the Revolutionary War as well as his best known tune. The most popular version was his second version of the song, published in 1778 in his collection The Singing Masters Assistant. The song is called "Chester" simply to label the tunes independently from one another, so one could sing them to different words without creating confusion. This was a very common practice of Billing's day.
The text, ripe with patriotic and religious fervor, is just as defiant and striking as the tune itself:
Let tyrants shake their iron rod
And Slav'ry clank her galling chains,
We fear them not, we trust in God
New-England's God forever reigns."

The NACA: The Most Important Government Agency You Never Heard Of.

Finally! A Wall the Libs Can Get Behind!


The Qur'an has been EXPOSED! - Sifting through the Qur'an with Dr. Jay -...

Transgender Locker Room Behavior Exposed

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Watch CNN Host's Face as Janet Yellen Changes the Definition of Recessio...

Our Plan is More OBVIOUS Than Ever! - News Update

Aisha Had NOT Reached Puberty Before Intercourse - David Wood - Episode 3

Jury Selections: What is the GOAL of Alex Jones' Trial? - Viva Clips

So Long Fao Chi!

You Were Right!

They LOVE Lying to You

[Comedy/Satire] Muhammad Meets Paul (Muhammad's Boom-Boom Room, episode 2)

If you are missing the videos that were hosted on the Acts17 channel before David Wood deleted it to go independent, this channel will have them all eventually.

Tim Ballard: Fighting Sex Trafficking. America's Children Are At Risk.

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Shocking SCIENTIFIC FRAUD allegations against major medical research

He Tried To Warn Everyone

Al Gore Compared Them to WHAT?!

The Libs Have Truly LOST IT!

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The LAST Person You’d Think Would Be Right

Islam is all a LIE! - Rob Christian - Episode 3

HR Expert Says Not Using Preferred Pronouns Is Bullying

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This Is Not Okay

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TODDLER Swings at Cops and Curses Them Out... THIS IS CRAZY

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This NYT Piece CERTAINLY Doesn't Help Ray Epps's Case

Congressman Grothman Discusses History of Ultrasounds in House Oversight...

Congressman Grothman Opening Statement on Criminals Targeting Veterans' ...


Don't underestimate the depths of Dems' defiance of SCOTUS

A Tribute to David Wood Acts 17 Apologetics! Thank you

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Muhammad is a Pedophile! - David Wood - Episode 1

SPECIAL REPORT: ‘On thin ice: Rising tensions in the Arctic’

How to Govern a Blue State as a Conservative

What It's Like Being a Sheep!

A Baby Is Not a Product to Be Bought and Sold in the Free Market

Defending the Free Market: Breaking Bad Conservative Habits

Capitalism - unbounded by personal virtue (imo virtue, in this context, = Christian morals, principles and ethics) - is absolutely as evil and as subject to the manipulation of the system as any other economic model. The advantage the USA had, was having Christian values as a starting point for individuals. The individual was to hold both themselves and their elected representatives in Government to a standard of behavior consistent with those values.

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Being Male or Female Is OBJECTIVE – Not Subjective

Repeal and Replace the 2nd Amendment?

What Is Inflation?

Mom Phrases Like You've Never Heard...

You Have NO RIGHT To Talk Sexuality With Little Kids

Netherlands Partnered with WEF to Subvert Global Food Ahead of Farm Bans

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Texas counties to declare migrant invasion to force federal government t...


From the comments: 

im hearing the first video is actually from Japan, but it's also coming from literally "automated" accounts, that also literally despise me. so who knows at this point

so instead of taking the video down, i'll just leave it as this as a testament to my potential stupidity and reminder of how easy it is for people to fall for bad info on social media

i mean, you cant take my channel too seriously when there's 10 seconds of video footage, and like 1 minute of me photoshopping myself into a giga chad to be more attractive to models on twitter" 

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Congress Has Adopted USSR Show Trials!

Islamaphobia! - Sifting through the Qur'an with Dr. Jay - Episode 8

LOL: Twitter Violates Its OWN Hate Speech Rules

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Digitally invasive apps are conditioning us to be surveilled and scanned

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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Hidden Agenda for 'Population Control' Includes Forced Sterilization...

JK Rowling TRIGGERS Politico For Knowing What a Woman Is

How About No?

Jesus is the Ultimate Divine Son! - Hebrews - The Sonship of Christ with...

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Call for screenshots showing tweets the got people #LockedOutofTwitter

Does anyone else wonder who is being censored on Twitter and why?

 Having been locked out of Twitter for some time (over using a negative vaccine theory to make a humorous point in reply to someone else  - see screenshot below.), this author wonders what other tweets have gotten people locked out of their accounts. 

Jordan Peterson was recently locked out of his account. President Trump, Steven Crowder, James Woods, The Babylon Bee and The New York Post have all seen that screen but they have large audiences that can pressure Twitter into bringing them back. What happens to the rest of us? This author simply stopped using Twitter after the appeal was denied, because Twitter needs to get a sense of humor.

 It is annoying sometimes - say, when a news story or referenced video clip is hosted on Twitter and - there's the locked out screen again. So, do others just delete the tweet and go back on Twitter? Do regular people's appeals get the lockout overturned? Do they go to other platforms or do they just say to themselves "one less timesucker for me - it's a win-win!"  

If any of my readers might also have been locked out of their Twitter accounts for political - or unknown reasons and would like them to be included in a book, (Working Title #LockedOutofTwitter) please send a screenshot of your locked out page that has the tweet you were locked out for included to with #LockedOutofTwitter as the subject line.

If your tweet contained evident evil, i.e. porn, excessive foul language obscenity and etc., you can keep that bad boy to yourself.  But if you were only posting something that was humorous or truthful but politically incorrect, tweets that mention ideas/stories/things that big tech has decided are not to be shared - as though by removing people from their platform those people will cease to exist or to share their opinions.

Not knowing if any screenshots will be received or if there will be enough to fill a book or if Amazon or any other digital platform would allow such a book to be sold through their site, there will be no compensation offered except the opportunity to have that tweet seen - if there are enough responses to make this worth the effort of collecting them to publish.

This might be a stupid idea.  No one may see this post or no one may want to share their screenshots, but curiosity is getting the upper hand, so, why not ask? If you or someone you know was locked out of twitter and asked to delete their tweet, send them my way and tell them I want to know if they deleted it or just stopped using Twitter.

Please feel free to tweet this blog post as well, since I cannot. ;) 

Thank you.

"Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding." ~ Proverbs 23:23

And, just as an FYI, I did file an appeal. My appeal was denied - because twitter has no sense of humor.

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Monday, July 4, 2022

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Are Americans Proud of Their Country? | Talking With People

Join the Acts 17 Community!

Does The Constitution Need To Be Amended?

An amendment something along the lines of: "A parent's right to direct the upbringing and education of their child(ren) shall not be infringed." might be a good idea.  With, perhaps, a modifier regarding adoption and wards of the state. 
It seems unlikely that such a thing would have occurred to the founders (foresighted as they were.)because, in their time, it was a fairly recent thing that children were considered to be the "chattle" of their fathers/parents rather than that of the crown. They probably didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to give up such authority.

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