Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Food Storage: 4 Basic Staples That Will Last Almost Forever

I Testified Against the ATF

Canadian Government Finally Admits EVERYTHING About the Jab - Viva Frei ...

The California Governor could be 'done' if he signs new trans bill

The insanity continues. If you have children get out of California.

OMG Citizen Journalists Continue to Uncover Fraud

I might be a cat person…

6-25-23 GIG CANCELED! For weather. See upcoming shows at www.thomaspibal...

Travels and updates 6-24-23

Epstein Definitely Killed Himself

How To Fix California: DeSantis on the Ground in San Francisco

PD's Reflections - From a Jewish Perspective - June 28, 2023

Roseanne Barr Did It Again...or Did She??

Context, context, context. Whenever you hear that someone said something awful or outrageous, always look for the context.

Do Descendants of All Slaves Deserve Reparations?

They Actually Said This

Warning: Famous Gay Jewish Leader Wants to Rewrite the Bible Using AI

Environment Canada admits 62,000 birds and 75,000-116,000 bats are kille...

Homeland Security Department Censored Americans Who Were Concerned About...

Is Dan Gibson Fudging His Numbers?! - Refuting Dan Gibson - Episode 7

Monday, June 19, 2023

Chris Rufo's War Against Woke Institutions

I think he was asking the wrong question @ 3:48. 

The question we should all be asking is when did the employer/employee relationship change for one of "I am selling an employer my time and talents for an agreed upon sum" to "I must allow  allow my employer to shape and mold my opinions and attitudes to be acceptable to any cultural/political narrative of which they currently approve."?

It is not an employer's place or business to even question the opinions, beliefs or attitudes of an employee unless they are interfering with the employee's ability to do their job. And even then, it isn't the employer's place to regulate what their employees think. That's outrageous!

Meet the Beatles... Again

America Is Like A BANANA REPUBLIC Without The Cool Uniforms

Did You Know US Government Has Blackmail Database on Citizens | Crossroads

US Govt Blackmail Database | Crossroads

PEMDAS is wrong

Why the Motion to Censure AND FINE Adam Schiff Was Wrong - Even If You L...

Russian Collusion and the Death of Journalism

Saturday, June 17, 2023

From Falsified Evidence to Trumped-Up Indictment - A History of LIES! Vi...

China’s Population Crisis: Schools Close Across China as Birth Rate Plum...

Reddit CEO learns going to war with the internet is a LOSING battle

The FTC FAILS at their job - companies break the law & face NO CONSEQUEN...

Applying Gender Ideology To Food

Tucker Carlson Announces The Alien Revolution

No. That's the impression the man gave in the interview, but he actually said nothing - except that the government is behaving badly with regard to information that should be available to the citizenry.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

School Kids REVOLT Against Pride, Chant USA ARE MY PRONOUNS In EPIC Rebu...

Supreme Court Grants IRS More Power to Snoop

Biden administration DESTROYS right to repair in the most corrupt way po...

Trans Hate, or Another Hate Hoax? 9-Year-Old at Track Meet Plot Thickens...

OMG Podcast #2 - James O'Keefe and Former Prison Inmate discuss Transgen...

PD's Reflections - Mix Reactions Toward God's Sovereignty - June 14, 2023

Cancel Culture Is DESTROYING American Universities

How Cartels are Using Children to Exploit CBP

Expert Gives FACTS on Human Trafficking at the Border

Biden Doesn't Care About Unaccompanied Child Migrants

Rockland County Hotel Closure Reveals NYC Mayor Adams' Multi-Million Dol...

Can College Students Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test?

The New "Brain-Based" Cure For Combat PTSD! (Podcast 459)

Should Christians observe the Sabbath? (Answers S3E15)

Things Aren't Going As Planned After Trump Indicted (Again) - CNN Most A...

"The Constitution in on the Line... HAVE SOME GUTS!" Barnes on Trump's T...

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Everything is Fine! Don't Ask Any Questions


the PRA does not confer any mandatory or even discretionary authority on the Archivist to classify records. Under the statute, this responsibility is left solely to the President. 44 U.S.C. § 2203(a)- (b” Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Nat'l Archives & Records Admin., 845 F. Supp. 2d 288, 301 (D.D.C. 2012)

"The President - by his position - is allowed to take whatever he wants into his retirement" ~ Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch

Global Health Passport? YOUR Health Now in the Hands of WHO | Crossroads

Guess Who's On Newsmax!

How America Went Mad

BREAKING NEWS: Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks Out After Reading FBI's FD-...

Why Is EVERY Company Going Woke w/ Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing

Friday, June 9, 2023

Feminist Tries To Debate Jordan Peterson On The Bible, Instant Regret!

"You Will Regret It!" NCAA Swimmer Breaks Her Silence

Whistleblower speaks out about the migrant activities happening in the R...

Interviewing a “Trans Rights” Counter-Protester - Women are a “Series o...

Scenes From an Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel - cover by Thomas Pibal ...

Morning jams 6-9-23

Are You a Photographer If No One Sees Your Work?

The Left Reacts To Me Exposing The Trans Healthcare Scam

You Must Have Three Children!

I saved $4,200 installing a mini split AC myself

FARRELL: Trump Vendetta Targeting/Ukraine “1914 Moment” for US

“the PRA does not confer any mandatory or even discretionary authority on the Archivist to classify records. Under the statute, this responsibility is left solely to the President. 44 U.S.C. § 2203(a)- (b” Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Nat'l Archives & Records Admin., 845 F. Supp. 2d 288, 301 (D.D.C. 2012)

"The President - by his position - is allowed to take whatever he wants into his retirement" 

"We're a Failing Nation"

Slice of life and 200,000 miles! 6-9-23

3 things you need to know about AI

It's Over! South Africa is F*&$d - Failed State

There's A Pedophile Network On Instagram?

On the road 6-8-23

Congressman Grothman Confronts Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su

New York Times CONFIRMS Ukraine's Nazi Problem - with OUTRAGEOUS Orwelli...

The TRUTH About the Canadian Wildfires

Unwoke Inc.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

New Study Reveals ESG Agenda in Top Investment Firms

ESG = Evil Second Government

How To Be a Good Winner

Jubilee: Should Elementary Schools Teach Sexual Orientation

HE'S BACK! Tucker's New Show is Causing Liberal Media Melt Down - Brian...

Hunter Biden’s ‘insane’ laptop exposed: Sex, drugs, and shady deals

Minnesota Is Giving Free College to Illegal Aliens

Minnesota Is Giving Free College to Illegal Aliens

It isn't even just about the money. There are limits on class size. Every illegal alien is taking a spot that could and should have been filled by a citizen or a paying student here, legally from abroad. Contact your Senators/Reps and tell them no student loan funding to colleges/states that do this. Period.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Idol Worship WAS ALLOWED In Petra?! - Refuting Dan Gibson - Episode 4

Sesame Street Isn't Safe 😳

The 2020 Election Was Rife With Fraud!

Coming Out as Christian to Your Liberal Parents

Parent Alert! Punches thrown at elementary school Pride protest in North...

I think parents need to do a better job of protecting their kids. Homeschool. The state won't let you? Move. At least until the laws change.

A school district that had any respect for the parents would have made it an "opt in" activity. And, if there were not enough parents opting their children in, cancel the event. Because that would be the sensible route.

Democrats Flipping the Script on Illegal Immigration | Crossroads

cops got called for my OC in Drop Leg Holster. Great job by the officer.

Open Carry (OC) is LEGAL in Wisconsin, people. Don't have a cow.

Pride Month Has Been Going Great So Far

You have the right to choose to live in a delusion. You have zero right to compel me or anybody else to join you in that delusion.

WOKE investors are enforcing policies in the market | Crossroads

Can women wear pants? (Answers S3E14)

CNN Has New “Exclusive” Conspiracy Theory about Trump - And It's Quite a...

Socialism Ruins The Environment

Grown Men Engage In ADULT Acts At Pride Event IN FRONT OF CHILDREN SPark...

Dr. Phil’s Audience Go Silent as 5th Grade Teacher Debunks Gender Nonsen...

Saturday, June 3, 2023

More VAX, More Infection?! Newly Peer Reviewed Study SHOCKS Covid Logic:...

Who's To Blame For This Mess?

I play piano

CPR: Yes or No?

I think we have a duty to do what we can/may to preserve life. Duty is ours, results are the Lord's.

Target CEO Ends They/Them's Silence on the Boycott

Suspected Chinese spies have attempted to penetrate US military bases

Friday, June 2, 2023

More than 200 killed and 900 hurt after 2 trains derail in India; hundre...

6 Must-Have Security Gadgets That Fit in Your Pocket

FBI DIRECTOR Christopher Wray Agrees To Hand Over Memo Alleging Biden CO...

Elon Musk Came Through

An attempt was made to leave this comment on the video, but it disappeared. Twice.

""Now, you can go watch "What is a Woman" for free over on Twitter" Well, actually, no I cannot. Because, in spite of Mr. Musk's declaration that Twitter would now have a sense of humor and that posts about the vaccine would no longer be censored, I remain locked out of my account for refusing to delete a tweet from Two years ago that was intended as a humorous reply to Viva Frei. 

Subsequent appeals have been denied. I am not going to delete it. So, in my opinion and experience, Twitter still lacks a sense of humor and continues to censor any mention of covid -19 of which it does not approve. But good for you guys that you are influential enough to have a loud enough "voice" that Mr. Musk will allow you to have free speech on Twitter."

Again, here is the Tweet so awful, so horrendous, so unimaginably heinous that the rest of the world must, must be shielded from it - avert thine eyes, shouldst thou wish to remain untouched by it - for which this blogger has been locked out of her account for the last TWO YEARS because there is a principle involved. That principle is free speech. The Tweet will not be deleted, not even to delete the account. 

As I attempted to say in my comment on Youtube, it is all well and good for those with "loud voices" to be able to get their speech seen, but, unless that also applies to the little guy, what good does it really do?

Perhaps the laptop - which is failing - had a problem. But the post appeared to have posted, albeit with some trouble after it would not allow an edit. But when I went back to check it a few minutes later, the same post was there on top that had been there before, but the one mentioned above was nowhere to be seen, scroll as one might. But, while the possibility of user error is left open, the point remains the same. There is no freedom of speech unless we all have freedom of speech, from presidents to frumpy, Midwestern housefraus.

 Leviticus 19:15
Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour.

The Attempt To Silence Me Fails Again

Persistent Citizen Journalist Uncovers Campaign Finance Inconsistencies ...

Boycotts Expose ESG Extortion | Crossroads

It's Time To Learn Some Real History

Dodgers Players Speak Out, Teens Devour Neighborhood Swan, Woke Companie...

Target Really Might Be Going Broke From Being Woke

Revolutions Always Eat Their Own*

FBI is Creating a Constitutional Crisis to Protect Biden!

Car "subscription" gaslighting - this is NOT a fallacy, it's real!

Unknown Facts about the Islamic Slave Trade | Thomas Sowell

AI in 2024 Elections: Prepare For the Unexpected | Crossroads

Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Best Way to Approach Any Religious Criticism - Creating the Qur'an w...

BREAKING NEWS: Rand Paul Pitches Massive Overhall To Debt Limit Bill On ...

Unlimited Bots - The Engine Behind Twitter

Hmmm ...
"nothing you see online, ever, can be trusted"

Watch company ad is an ‘antidote’ to Bud Light’s wokeness

Laws Protecting Your Children From Pedophiles ARE IN DANGER

'What is a Woman?' SILENCED By Twitter


This Viral Video Is Fake

Project Veritas Pulls a BUD LIGHT!

Harry and Meghan ‘embarrassed’ that NY car chase footage proves them ‘wr...

CDC Removes COVID Vaccine from US Market | Facts Matter Clips

From May 10th, 2023"

Congress Mandates Breath Tests for ALL Drivers?! Must Watch Video Explai...

Actor blows up at DNC, Biden: Are you 'f***ing kidding me?!'

This Baseball Player Is A Coward