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Fully Automatic Assault Van!

Google: No ads that "refer to Jesus and/or the Bible" | Ben Davies

And google comitts suicide. Going to be interesting.

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The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 182

Lots of food for thought in this one.

Please Sir, Can I Have Another?

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The difference between McMaster and Bolton is "night and day"

Also talks about the Syrian strike.

The Unknown History of Islam 01 - Timeline of Islam

Jordan Peterson on Finding Meaning in Responsibility

Responsibility and freedom are two sides of the same coin. When you take responsibility, you gain freedom. When you give away responsibility, freedom goes with it.

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Gaffney: Bolton "understands the problem" when it comes to Sharia Supremacy


John Cardillo: Trump should fire Rod Rosenstein

Okay, I am appalled, as I have been appalled all throughout Mr. obama's occupation of that office, as I was when the SCOTUS arrogated unto itself the power to legislate through redefinition - destroying the rule of law in so doing, as I was when etc, etc, etc,.  And what does it matter? How should that be expressed? I called my Rep every day(not weekends or holidays because I am a civilized person) from the point at which I realized no one was even going to get a slap on the wrist over Benghazi- which would be about 1-2 months after - until Mr. obama left the office, to demand his impeachment over it. It did no good.

Basically, I think a lot of Americans are appalled and have been appalled at the actions of our government for some time now. I think that is why the current president was elected. (At least on good days I think that - on not so good days I hypothesize that he just had more money to buy off the people running the electronic voting/counting machines than did the other side.) And here we are. Call for a con-con? What for?  Our officials and legislators are not complying with the U.S. Constitution now, why would they start complying after a constitutional convention?

In my opinion, America was terribly weakened by Mr. obama's occupancy of the Oval Office and annihilated by the SCOTUS when they destroyed the rule of law and now we are just watching the big dogs fight over the carcass.

But maybe I am being cynical.

Ask the Professor - What Happened to British Free Speech - April 11, 2018

"There is no limit on the legal sovereignty of Parliment" Well there's your problem. That and the populace has gone mad enough to allow it to continue. Although, looking at how the government has been behaving on this side of the pond, our population must not be all that stable either.

Interview with expat Polish Pastor, now in Calgary Alberta, Artur Pawlowski

The point he makes at 34 minutes and about 30 seconds in is the question of the day. What is your answer?

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Statement from the Press Secretary on March Border Numbers

Statement from the Press Secretary on March Border Numbers: Today, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Press Secretary Tyler Q. Houlton released the following statement on U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) March Southwest Border Migration numbers.

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Everybody does not think the same way you do and all cultures are not created equal.

From the article: "Americans think it is a universal human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  It's not.  It seems natural to us because we live in a Bible-based Judeo-Christian culture."

Trump Sends Troops to the Border


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