Tuesday, April 26, 2022

LEAKED RAW AUDIO: Full Twitter All-Hands Call 04-25-22

Sounds like a very professional meeting - aside from the appalling assumption that it is their job to "make decisions for the health of the public conversation". How arrogant does someone have to be to insist that they understand free speech even while they are censoring it - because they think they are the best arbiter of what constitutes "the health of the public conversation"? Absolutely appalling and they don't even see what they are doing. 

Muhammad is Touched By Satan! - 7 Characteristics of Jesus - Episode 5

Wikipedia's Bias

TikTok Teacher DETAILS Steps To TRANS The Kids

This Video Could Save Your Life! #shorts #adventure #safety

Twitter Employees the Day After Elon Takes Over!

CEO of major food brand issues dire warning

Study examines gun owner privacy and crime rates

Emails Expose CA School District’s “Aggressive” Teaching of Gender Theor...

"California Society is a Currency Based on Wokeism" - Salty Cracker HIGH...

Whose Children Are They? Disney Queer Agenda Exposes Magic Kingdom to Re...


Shoulder to the Wheel

The latest Intellectual Froglegs is out!

See it here on ugetube;

See it here in Spreely

Or you could just go straight to the Intellectual Froglegs page and watch it, if you don't have time to mess about.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

CDC'S INSANE Attempt To Bring Back Masks

Mask Mandates Are Over, But Politics Are Still Being Played | Clip

Elon Musk secures enough funding to take over Twitter

History Lesson: Christians Have Always Protected Children | WRETCHED RADIO

Social media videos show officials dumping food in locked-down Shanghai

Tucker: Something really dark is going on

Larry Elder Reacts To Biden's TANKING Approval Rating

Is Kamala Harris HIGH In This Speech?

Mecca is Make-Believe and Wishful! - More Meccan Problems with Dr. Jay -...

US Army Bringing WW2 Ammo Plants Back To Ramp Up Production : The Questi...

The most relevant comment on the video thread appears to be this one.
2 days ago
from 1986 to 2000 I was a military class V stock control manager and ran an ammunition supply point.  all these bases and ammunition plants were operational and producing ammunition and explosives for storage and rotating old stock out for training requirements.  we went through over a million rounds a year just in 5.56mm (locally).  But then the USSR fell, and the POTUS at the time figured that with our "enemy" now gone, there is no more need for all the bases, and troops (as well as civil bunkers and supplies), so they were largely sold off.  Ammo plants were closed down because they figured there would not be any need (lack of vision or intelligence) despite the fact that the US was still basically at war in the middle east since Desert Shield and Desert Storm with an active no fly zone in Iraq and Iraq not allowing inspections for WMD.    9/11 and we are in a decade plus war and the ammunition stocks are nearly depleted.   meanwhile, the Govt. is making the US Military even smaller, and removing our ability to fight several wars at once (despite doing so at the time).   and the Govt using the ATF to shutdown gun manufactures and ammunition manufactures.   suddenly, we no longer have the capacity to produce the ammunition needed (and arty shells and bombs).   remember, army ammunition plants produce more than just small arms ammunition, and the companies that did so, now have other contracts, so it's time for the Army to dust off it's equipment and get back to work.       one other thing is the production of new weapons (updated SDB, hypersonic missile components, guided mortars, and a major need for new Javlin Missiles....    which we are just giving away the  missiles as well as the technology as fast as we can print money to do so."

Media Matters' Deputy Director of External Affairs Brennan Suen takes cr...

Fox News Whistleblower Ivory Hecker Explains Her Decision to Go Public! ...

NEW: Taxpayer-Funded Fetal Organ “Chop Shop” Exposed

Gun control activists already panicking over SCOTUS carry case

Congressman Grothman Update from San Diego Sector

Making a Stand: College Gives $400,000 to Prof Who Called Transgender St...

Zakir Naik's Fans Can't Stop Lying about What He Said!

Now It Makes Sense

What Is Your Problem with Disney?

Elon Musk Weighs in on Overpopulation

Shapiro REACTS to Psaki CRYING Over LGBTQ Treatment

BREAKING: The Florida Bill To END Disney’s Self Governance

PD's Reflections - What Are the Odds - April 20, 2022

01 ISIS Sharia PART 1

The Travel Mask Mandate is Over!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The DSM5 Is Just Plain Nuts | WRETCHED RADIO

The State Can Abduct Children Through CPS 'Medical Kidnapping': Rep Tamm...

The Durham Trial Begins | Crossroads | Clip

Muslim Scholars React to 200+ Lost Quran Verses!

DeSantis Puts a STOP to BLM MATH! | Louder With Crowder

Muhammad Is Fallen and Sinful! - 7 Characteristics of Jesus - Episode 4

Shapiro WRECKS Washington Post Cry-Bully Who DOXXED Libs of TikTok

Kaepernick BEGS "Racist" NFL To Play Again

Elon vs Twitter’s Board - WORLD WAR 3

Viral Airplane Video: FREEDOM From The MASKS!!!

Ukraine Using Facial Recognition to ID Russian Soldiers, Contacting Fami...

GOA explains what the left gets wrong on "ghost guns"

Recording of AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot ‘Millions of [Immunocompromis...

Bo's Box Brigade! Are YOU part of it?

U.K. to send asylum seekers to Rwanda in scheme to curb illegal sea cros...

This is CNN Minus: New Paid Streaming Service Massively Underwhelms Expe...

Kyle Shideler on the FBI being pressured to ignore "Black Identity Extre...

The Spiritual Connection: How COVID Mandates Rip the Fabric of Humanity,...

"N]either the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and
happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. ..." ~ Samuel Adams

Chechens & Russian Army Battle Azov & Ukraine on Mariupol frontline

Eye Test Innovators vs The Bottleneckers

Ilhan Omar BLASTS America after Christians Sing on Plane!

Disney Goes SUDDENLY SILENT On Florida's Parental Rights Bill

Where is Gonzalo Lira? No News is Not Good News - Viva Frei Vlawg

It missed us by 9 days

So talk to your legislators about hardening your state and the nation's infrastructure because the sun doesn't care about politics. 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Dozens of Murdered civilians Found in Mariupol after Ukraine retreats (S...

To be quite clear, this blogger has no idea what the truth is in the war in Ukraine - and neither do most of those who may read this. “Truth,” it has been said, “is the first casualty of war.” ~ Phillip Snowden, U.K. Member of Parliment in an introduction to the book “Truth and the War” by E. D. Morel in 1916
That said, there is a danger in allowing only one point of view to be presented. So here is another point of view than the one you will get from the MSM.

Tracking Devices Reveal Where Recycling Really Goes

Resurrection Sunday - April 17, 2022 ("Checkmate: The King is Dead")

Michael Vs. Democrat: New Covid Mandates - With Jen Perelman

As this author understood it at the time, the purpose of "slowing the spread" was to keep our healthcare system from being overwhelmed.  We are past that point now and have been for some time. It wasn't to keep the virus from killing people, it was to keep it from killing MORE people than it otherwise would because of a shortage of hospital beds and equipment.  And now look where we are. 

Ukrainian Mariupol Strong Hold "ILICHA" now under Russian Control

Did Fauci Admit to CRIMINAL EXTORTION as Covid Policy? Viva Frei Clip

CRUEL AND UNCOMPASSIONATE: Knowles rips into the Left for lying to minor...

Christian Objection: God and Evil Cannot Co-Exist | WRETCHED

Honda goes full anti repair, launches attack on 3D print community for p...

Friday, April 15, 2022

Thursday, April 14, 2022

A Dystopian Nightmare in Shanghai: Hungry People Wail from Balconies Ove...

Judicial Watch/Farrell: Biden Admin's Border Policy is DESTROYING U.S. &...

Every Quran Verse That Mentions the Gospel

Near Death Reality

The Government should NOT be making such databases

 Time to contact your Congresspeople again  - at least if you want them to stop with the unconstitutional data collection.


"1 This language was not included in the Senate-passed

version of the America COMPETES Act. This language has been offered – and rejected – in Congress before as the College Transparency Act.

“Sec. 90306. College Transparency” in the House-passed version of the America COMPETES Act violates the privacy of American 

 children, students at institutions of higher education, graduates of institutions of higher education, workforce participants, and private institutions of higher education themselves. ParentalRights.org opposes

“Sec. 90306. College Transparency” in the House-passed version of the America Competes Act for the following reasons:

1. Page 2584 of the House-passed version of the America COMPETES Act repeals Section 134 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1015c). This section of federal law has existed since 2008 in order to protect the privacy of Americans by

prohibiting “the development, implementation, or maintenance of a Federal database of personally identifiable information on individuals receiving assistance under this chapter, attending institutions receiving assistance under this chapter, or otherwise involved in any studies or other collections of data

under this chapter, including a student unit record system, an education bar code system, or any other system that tracks individual students over time.”

1 “Sec. 90306. College Transparency” is found on pages 2552 – 2585 of H.R. 4521, as Engrossed by the

House of Representatives on February 4, 2022, and available online at


Repealing this long-standing protection shows exactly how invasive this new Amendment will be to the privacy of American students, families, workforce participants, and private institutions of higher education ."

Sen. Cotton: I just can't believe this is happening

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

DEBUNKED: Shapiro CRUSHES Biden's "Putin Price Hike" LIE

Disney's New LGBTQIA+ Entertainment Agenda

PD's Reflections - I Am Not Ashamed & I Will Not Be Afraid (Mark 8) - Ap...

DOJ Spied on Journalists’ Apple & Google Accounts; Veritas Files Motion ...

The 'Great Reset' Part One: TECHNOCRACY

They Want To Ban The Bible!

Ex-Muslim Christian YouTuber Tortured and Imprisoned for Viral Video Moc...

UB Students SHUT DOWN Speaker but Micahel Knowles Is Still COMING April ...

Jury Scorches Corrupt FBI in Whitmer “Kidnapping” Trial!

The Trudeau government has plans to license journalism — it’s not good

Saudi Arabia TV mocks Biden’s cognitive decline in ‘hilarious’ comedy skit

The WHO Plot for Globalist Control, and the Vax Passport End-Game: Nick ...

WHAT? Disney Heiress Comes Out As Transgender

Zakir Naik SHOCKS Muslims by Saying, “Jesus Is Lord!”

The REAL Problem No One is Talking About

Jesus' Mother, The Greatest Woman Ever Created! - 7 Characteristics of J...

The Connection Between Transgenderism and Suicidality

Elon Buys Twitter: What Does it REALLY Mean?

Thursday, April 7, 2022

This Church Is Fasting From Whiteness??? | WRETCHED RADIO

Shapiro REACTS to Cracker Jack Becoming "Cracker Jill"

Disney became successful because they were proving a valuable service to people - that of family friendly entertainment. 
Clearly they have turned away from the service, so they no longer deserve success. 

Hollywood Has ZERO Moral Authority

Mecca Didn't Exist - It Had No Water! - More Meccan Problems with Dr. Ja...

INSTANT REGRET: Geico Apologizes for Hiring Antisemite Linda Sarsour for...

WHAT? Woman Says Her Baby is TRANS

UNDERCOVER Video: Shocking Admission From Dr. Cesare Santangelo

FOOTAGE: China’s New BLACK MIRROR Lockdowns will make your skin crawl!!!...

Child Grooming Is NOT a CONSPIRACY! Brian Stelter GASLIGHTS! | Louder Wi...

I Messed Up!

When somebody else is "curating" what you are allowed to see, you are being manipulated.

Lightning Round: Kamala Harris Pantsuit Joke Gets Conservative Radio Hos...

Navigating The Music Industry as a Christian (Part 6)

Kim Iversen: Latest Pfizer VAX DATA DUMP Shows Natural Immunity WORKS. A...

Well aren't they all so ... charitable towards Pfizer, who knew all these things were true and yet allowed people to be demonized and fired over refusal to take it or for having the temerity to say they were injured by it.

These People Are Going To Jail, For A LONG Time.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Pharmaceutical Money Is Flowing To Radical Transgender Activism

US Postal Service illegally spied on Americans: Inspector General

They Wouldn’t, Would They?

What Do We Do With Seventh Day Adventism? | WRETCHED

Capitol Hill fox tests positive for rabies after biting Rep. Ami Bera, N...

German Perverts Open BESTIALITY Brothels

Quick Question for All Viewers [ANSWER AND VOTE!]

Leftists TRIGGERED About the Term “Groomer”

Russell Brand on Canadian Censorship, & Why Government Silences Politica...

Larry Elder Reacts to WNBA Star Brittney Griner Detained in Russia

FITTON: BIG Victory Against Election Rigging!

Disney is Grooming Your Children?!

James O'Keefe at NYYRC: "The greatest threat against Project Veritas is ...

Pwned: Elon Musk's $3 Billion Investment in Free Speech Terrorizes Twitt...

Atrocity: Russian Retreat Leaves Evidence of War Crimes, but Why Is This...

War is deceit, I believe nothing except that people are being killed and displaced. :( 

Ex-Muslim Christian Family Burned with Acid for Leaving Islam

Monday, April 4, 2022

Nurse RaDonda Vaught Convicted of Homicide? A Doctor Explains

Oh, So It’s Just Bulls*it

Nurse FIRED After Exposing a School Helping TRANS 11-Year-Olds

Our children do not belong to the schools or the government. Homeschool.

Washington Post Publishes GRUESOME Cartoon Smearing Ron DeSantis

Michael Knowles Was 100% RIGHT About The Biden Laptop Coverup

Beer for Breakfast? A Working Class Morning: London Print Shop Circa 1725

Israeli news reports Britain's MI6 uncovered China/Russia partnership in...

How Hunter Biden Facilitated Financing to Bio-Research Facilities in Ukr...

Leftist Journalist Claims to Have PTSD After Reading Mean Comments Online

Joe Biden Corruption Crisis: Hunter Laptop Update!

DeSantis vs. Disney: The battle for parental rights

Shapiro REACTS to SNL Trolling the Daily Wire

Fund the Children, Not the Schools

A Second Amendment sea change in CT?

Save Your Child’s Mind with PragerU Kids

The Silencing of Tucker Carlson

Really!? What is wrong with people? 

Mark Zuckerberg: The Image of God

Hail to the King: Jeremy's Razors Proves Men are Men, Fights Back Agains...

Russia in Ukraine - Human Rights Watch Report: War Crimes, or False Flag...

Sunday, April 3, 2022

The MISERY Of Leftist Women

Politifact "Fact Checks" Confirms 40% Increase in Deaths While "Debunkin...

Muslim Scholar Admits Jesus Died by Crucifixion! (Sheikh Imran Hosein on...

April 3, 2022 Service & Communion ("Being Cozy with the World" - James 4...

The ISIS Threat to Americans Today

A Quick Break from Politics: Freezing Bubble with Daffodil

 Here is a quick break from politics because real life happens with or without politics. If you click the link, you will see a lovely photo of a daffodil reflected in a freezing soap bubble. Because it is important to relax once in a while. This is what I do when I am not indulging in politics.

Full disclosure, ClickASnap is a site that will pay the artist when people view their photos, so the artist (Me in this case.) will get 0.70 cents if/when you look at one of their photos for 5 seconds.  That's seven tenths of one cent not seventy cents. So, it's going to take a whole lot of views to make a million bucks that way. 142,857,142.8571429to be precise. (Lol! And now I am hearing Ben Shapiro's tagline - "Make it happen gang" - in my head. There's my goal, to be the first one on ClickASanap.com to get a million dollars through views, lol)

Freezing Bubble with Daffodil

Islam’s Heretical Foundations. The Cross and the Crescent Discussion Gr...

Why I Can't Congratulate My Friend Dave Rubin

How to Get Out of a Sinking Car!.. HOW TO ESCAPE and SURVIVE