Saturday, December 24, 2022

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Gender Ideology Is More DANGEROUS Than You Think - Matt Walsh

Not only does it open the door to pedophilia, it teaches the child that they should accept aberrant behavior as normal. So how would they be able to express their healthy reluctance to be around someone whose behavior is not normal?

Stanford's 'Index of Forbidden Words List' is DUMB

Really Stanford? 

Twitter Files: FBI Paid Twitter to Spy on YOU!

Best of The History Guy: Christmas History

Schiff For Brains Has Some Explaining To Do!

“The Chinese Model is a Very Attractive Model” Says World Economic Forum...

Tucker Carlson: This is a lie

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Why Goal Achievement Can Leave You Empty and Depressed without an All-Co...

Religious Undertones of a Godly Foundation

Psalm 127:1
Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

The Digital Currency Agenda is Really About More Government Control Over...

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Three Years of the Log Cabin - How's it Held Up?

Increase in Crime is Not Just in America and the Cause Will SHOCK You

Elite Private School Is Handing Out WHAT To Children?!

Mecca Isn’t On ANY Maps! - Sources of Islam with Dr. Jay - Episode 16

What Doesn't the Media Tell You About Our Border

Canada is Killing For Convenience? Yes. And It Hurts Me To Say It - Viva...

Brittney Griner SWAPPED for World's Most DANGEROUS Arms Dealer! | Louder...

Congressman Grothman Celebrates National Bible Week

How much do eggs, milks, and gas cost in Russia? Soviet-Style Shortages?...

Utter Depravity: Balenciaga Ads Showing Children in Sexualized Ways is J...

Why Artemis 2 Moon Shot Must Wait 2 More Years, Tells You All You Need t...


'Christians Are Being Killed': Critics Outraged at Biden Admin as Murder...

Carl Benjamin on The Problem with Modern Feminism - "The Poison Stays in...

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

EVERYTHING You Need to Know About The Twitter Files! | Louder With Crowder

So, Who’s Really Pulling the Strings Here?

A Tale of Two Judges

Is This Really Happening?

Elon Musk Is Breaking The Matrix

In Islam: To Question is to Die! - East VS West - Adam Seeker - Episode 4

Balenciaga DROPS Lawsuit Over Creepy Ad Campaign

The Miracle of the Quran’s Perfect Preservation by David Wood

Secret Service CAUGHT Changing Story About Hunter Biden Documents!

NYC Mayor Orders Mentally Ill Homeless to Institutions, Against Their Wi...

Mental illness is not a stable state of being. There isn't a cookie cutter solution.

Legislating Morality: 'Respect for Marriage Act' Shows Government Should...

All laws are the codification of the morals of a society. In the case of the USA, the morals so codified are those of the Judeo-Christian religion -because that is the moral system that works the best to establish a stable and healthy society. Those who undermine it without serious thought are sawing off the limb upon which they sit.

Maj Toure--Black Guns Matter

Bad Takes on the "Twitter Files" - From Lawyers to Rolling Stone Journal...

Account Closed: Banks and Businesses Cancel Christians

Michael Knowles Explains Twittergate

San Francisco Police Authorize Robots to Kill People!

Why the REAL ID deadline was extended again

Sadly it is not because the government recognized their error in the violation of the 4th amendment right to be secure in your person, papers and houses inherent in this thing.

BREAKING: Demand for “Pure Blood” Skyrockets Globally As Critics Dismiss...

Monday, December 5, 2022

The Newest Deadly TikTok Trend

FAKE NEWS: New York Times LIED About Iran's Morality Police! | Louder Wi...

Elon Musk "Twitter Files": Matt Taibbi's Thread Explained, Tweet by Twe...

Power Down Mandate: No Tesla Driving or Console Gaming, We're Trying to ...

Franklin Roosevelt: Preparing for War

Targeted, intentional attacks on North Carolina substation leave thousan...

Yeah, sure, it was targeting a drag show ... because it couldn't possibly be a test to see if a few gunshots are sufficient to deprive a lot of people of power and lights by an enemy of this nation.