Wednesday, June 7, 2023

New Study Reveals ESG Agenda in Top Investment Firms

ESG = Evil Second Government

How To Be a Good Winner

Jubilee: Should Elementary Schools Teach Sexual Orientation

HE'S BACK! Tucker's New Show is Causing Liberal Media Melt Down - Brian...

Hunter Biden’s ‘insane’ laptop exposed: Sex, drugs, and shady deals

Minnesota Is Giving Free College to Illegal Aliens

Minnesota Is Giving Free College to Illegal Aliens

It isn't even just about the money. There are limits on class size. Every illegal alien is taking a spot that could and should have been filled by a citizen or a paying student here, legally from abroad. Contact your Senators/Reps and tell them no student loan funding to colleges/states that do this. Period.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Idol Worship WAS ALLOWED In Petra?! - Refuting Dan Gibson - Episode 4

Sesame Street Isn't Safe 😳

The 2020 Election Was Rife With Fraud!

Coming Out as Christian to Your Liberal Parents

Parent Alert! Punches thrown at elementary school Pride protest in North...

I think parents need to do a better job of protecting their kids. Homeschool. The state won't let you? Move. At least until the laws change.

A school district that had any respect for the parents would have made it an "opt in" activity. And, if there were not enough parents opting their children in, cancel the event. Because that would be the sensible route.

Democrats Flipping the Script on Illegal Immigration | Crossroads

cops got called for my OC in Drop Leg Holster. Great job by the officer.

Open Carry (OC) is LEGAL in Wisconsin, people. Don't have a cow.

Pride Month Has Been Going Great So Far

You have the right to choose to live in a delusion. You have zero right to compel me or anybody else to join you in that delusion.

WOKE investors are enforcing policies in the market | Crossroads

Can women wear pants? (Answers S3E14)

CNN Has New “Exclusive” Conspiracy Theory about Trump - And It's Quite a...

Socialism Ruins The Environment

Grown Men Engage In ADULT Acts At Pride Event IN FRONT OF CHILDREN SPark...

Dr. Phil’s Audience Go Silent as 5th Grade Teacher Debunks Gender Nonsen...

Saturday, June 3, 2023

More VAX, More Infection?! Newly Peer Reviewed Study SHOCKS Covid Logic:...

Who's To Blame For This Mess?

I play piano

CPR: Yes or No?

I think we have a duty to do what we can/may to preserve life. Duty is ours, results are the Lord's.

Target CEO Ends They/Them's Silence on the Boycott

Suspected Chinese spies have attempted to penetrate US military bases

Friday, June 2, 2023

More than 200 killed and 900 hurt after 2 trains derail in India; hundre...

6 Must-Have Security Gadgets That Fit in Your Pocket

FBI DIRECTOR Christopher Wray Agrees To Hand Over Memo Alleging Biden CO...

Elon Musk Came Through

An attempt was made to leave this comment on the video, but it disappeared. Twice.

""Now, you can go watch "What is a Woman" for free over on Twitter" Well, actually, no I cannot. Because, in spite of Mr. Musk's declaration that Twitter would now have a sense of humor and that posts about the vaccine would no longer be censored, I remain locked out of my account for refusing to delete a tweet from Two years ago that was intended as a humorous reply to Viva Frei. 

Subsequent appeals have been denied. I am not going to delete it. So, in my opinion and experience, Twitter still lacks a sense of humor and continues to censor any mention of covid -19 of which it does not approve. But good for you guys that you are influential enough to have a loud enough "voice" that Mr. Musk will allow you to have free speech on Twitter."

Again, here is the Tweet so awful, so horrendous, so unimaginably heinous that the rest of the world must, must be shielded from it - avert thine eyes, shouldst thou wish to remain untouched by it - for which this blogger has been locked out of her account for the last TWO YEARS because there is a principle involved. That principle is free speech. The Tweet will not be deleted, not even to delete the account. 

As I attempted to say in my comment on Youtube, it is all well and good for those with "loud voices" to be able to get their speech seen, but, unless that also applies to the little guy, what good does it really do?

Perhaps the laptop - which is failing - had a problem. But the post appeared to have posted, albeit with some trouble after it would not allow an edit. But when I went back to check it a few minutes later, the same post was there on top that had been there before, but the one mentioned above was nowhere to be seen, scroll as one might. But, while the possibility of user error is left open, the point remains the same. There is no freedom of speech unless we all have freedom of speech, from presidents to frumpy, Midwestern housefraus.

 Leviticus 19:15
Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour.

The Attempt To Silence Me Fails Again

Persistent Citizen Journalist Uncovers Campaign Finance Inconsistencies ...

Boycotts Expose ESG Extortion | Crossroads

It's Time To Learn Some Real History

Dodgers Players Speak Out, Teens Devour Neighborhood Swan, Woke Companie...

Target Really Might Be Going Broke From Being Woke

Revolutions Always Eat Their Own*

FBI is Creating a Constitutional Crisis to Protect Biden!

Car "subscription" gaslighting - this is NOT a fallacy, it's real!

Unknown Facts about the Islamic Slave Trade | Thomas Sowell

AI in 2024 Elections: Prepare For the Unexpected | Crossroads

Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Best Way to Approach Any Religious Criticism - Creating the Qur'an w...

BREAKING NEWS: Rand Paul Pitches Massive Overhall To Debt Limit Bill On ...

Unlimited Bots - The Engine Behind Twitter

Hmmm ...
"nothing you see online, ever, can be trusted"

Watch company ad is an ‘antidote’ to Bud Light’s wokeness

Laws Protecting Your Children From Pedophiles ARE IN DANGER

'What is a Woman?' SILENCED By Twitter


This Viral Video Is Fake

Project Veritas Pulls a BUD LIGHT!

Harry and Meghan ‘embarrassed’ that NY car chase footage proves them ‘wr...

CDC Removes COVID Vaccine from US Market | Facts Matter Clips

From May 10th, 2023"

Congress Mandates Breath Tests for ALL Drivers?! Must Watch Video Explai...

Actor blows up at DNC, Biden: Are you 'f***ing kidding me?!'

This Baseball Player Is A Coward

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Terrible Things Are Happening in New Zealand...

Chick-Fil-A Embraces "Equity and Inclusion"

The Media No Longer Speaks TRUTH to Power, They ARE The Power

Farid Agrees with David Wood & Calls Yasir Qadhi a LIAR!

Should Teachers Discuss Sex & Gender With Students?

No. Not in the way these "teachers" are doing it.

Better Late Than Never

Christianity and Messianic Judaism (Answers S3E13)

CCP Leadership in Panic Mode After Shocking Arrest! | Crossroads

Do You Trust Biden To Run Your Bank?

Disney Then vs Now

"Stand with anybody that stands RIGHT. Stand with him while he is right and PART with him when he goes wrong." The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume II, "Speech at Peoria, Illinois" (October 16, 1854), p. 273.

The military owns nothing - can't fix its own billion dollar aircraft

Double rainbow! And show update 5-30-23

Allah, The Author of Order or Confusion - Refuting Dan Gibson - Episode 3

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Sunday, May 21, 2023

How Durham proved the FBI rigged the 2020 election | Will Cain Podcast

New Study Shows the True Detransition Rate

Any bets on the ten or twenty year rate?

Update 5-21-23

The Most Important Job In The World - The Blacksmith

Cardona Asked By Houchin If Women Athletes Undressing In Front Of Lia Th...

He should be fired.

Huge Internet Ruling by Supreme Court

I think this is not entirely a win. If Twitter et. al are to be given the protection of being a platform, then they need to behave as a platform and not a publisher. And they must not engage in censorship and/or propaganda for the government.

View from my office 5-20-23

The Obama Curse


Thursday, May 18, 2023

Massie Plays Video To Show Companies Working With FBI To Violate Liberti...

Islam’s History of Censorship - Creating the Qur'an with Dr. Jay - Episo...

Eruptions Break Out When Jim Jordan Calls Out Dem Colleagues At FBI Whis...

Trump ANNIHILATES CNN and the Media LOSES IT! | Klavan REACTS

ATF Goes Door to Door Confiscation Unbelievable Video Breakdown

Massive FAKE Silver Scam Operation - BUYER BEWARE

Harry and Meghan's "Car Chase Story" Sounds Familiar...

May 18th 2023 Thomas Pibal update

"Voices from DARPA" Podcast, Episode 68: Space Manufacturing

The Durham Report Exonerates Trump. So How Do We Get Justice?

Should you change your name? (Answers S3E11)

People are lining up for a free TV that spies on you

The FBI Raided A Pro Life Activists Home?!

John Kerry Secret Gov Operation REVEALED!

The HORRIFYING Truth About The January 6th Prisoners

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

DEBT Ceiling HIT! What Happens When Federal Government Runs OUT of CASH ...

Is the U.S. Southern Border Collapsing?

Canada: Marcel Makes a Sacrifice

Where Are the Prosecutions? Durham Update!

Durham Report EXPLAINED - Crossfire Hurricane Was Nothing Less Than an A...

If you were still thinking this wasn't an illegal attempt by Ms. Clinton, the FBI and etc to meddle in the presidential election, maybe you should be asking yourself "What else might I have been wrong about?" and "Why didn't the mainstream press do a better job of investigating and reporting this?" 

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." ~ The Declaration of Independence

Elon Actually Went There!

Still locked out of my account. Not going to delete the tweet. See tweet below.

What Happened to the Middle Class Prosperity of the 1950s? | Victor Davi...

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

CIA Election Dirty Tricks – For Joe and Hunter!

San Francisco bakery scammed by city program after spending $27k repairi...

Influencer Makes $70,000 on AI Version of Herself

Why Most Objections Fail - Refuting Dan Gibson - Episode 1

FARRELL: Analysis of the Durham Report

Don’t Be Alarmed it's Part of Their Plan!

This Abortion Story Needs To Be Heard

Bannon, O’Keefe, and Alex Jones discuss OMG’s explosive undercover foota...

Memphis Moves to Defy Constitution, State Law

Biden's "Real Enemy"... What Does He Mean? | Crossroads

Godfather Of AI QUITS Google, Says THE END IS NIGH

Transgender Politician Shares Her Journey With Matt Walsh

they keep getting worse and worse...

'Who Is Going To Go To Jail For This?': GOP Lawmaker Expresses Fury Abou...

How do we regain trust? This blogger would contend that it can't be done without arrests and convictions and abolishing the FBI.

The Most Coherent Argument for Transgenderism

Daniel Penny Charged with 2nd Degree Manslaughter in Jordan Neely Death ...

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Monday, May 8, 2023

NEW: Citizen Journalist Investigates Four NY Residences Uncovering Furth...

Trans Woman TOO FAT for Indecen Exposure? Reality Surpasses Fiction! Vi...

The madness continues. Once again, someone else has every right to delude themselves but they have ZERO right to compel me or anyone else to join them in that delusion. Both the worker and the judge should be removed from their positions. 

If America Is So Racist Why Are People So Desperate to Come?

The BIGGEST Thing NOBODY Is Talking About... | Louder With Crowder

Hunter Biden's Quest to Financially Abandon His Illegitimate Daughter

The Constitution: A Moral Challenge

'Red Flag' Laws Aren't the Solution to Dangerous People

Debate: Can the Government Decide What Is Truth?

Early Menopause: Ovarian Failure in Young Women Explained (science & sol...

'Creepy' New AI Traffic Cams Peer Into Cars Seeking Violations

'Sobering': Horrors Leave Armenian Christians Feeling 'Abandoned' by Bel...

May 7, 2023 Service & Communion ("The Struggle Within" - Romans 7)

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Hypno Porn: DANGEROUS New Trend Turns Men Trans | Genevieve Gluck


Where Did All The "Trust the Science" People Go?

'I Pray To God I Am Wrong': John Kennedy Gives Passionate Response To De...

'You Don't Know, Do You? You Don't Know, Do You?': Kennedy Does Not Let ...

We should remember that there are some scientists out there who think we are heading into a much colder phase of the solar cycles and that we should be doing everything we can to grow and store food and bring global temperatures up. There ARE other viewpoints besides the one currently being pushed to serve a political narrative.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

The US government has gone too far

Language warning.

Cornyn Calls Out Judiciary Committee’s Inaction Ahead of Title 42 Expira...

Islam Persecutes Those Who Criticize!? - Creating the Qur'an with Dr. Ja...

The Dirty Truth About the Debt Ceiling

Using Financial Institutions

NIMBYism and the Second Amendment

University President "Under Fire" for "Liking" Alex Berenson Tweets? Thi...

Language warning

Chicks on Mars

UNCOVERED: Illegal trafficking of migrant children using YOUR tax dollar...

'Anybody Here?': Ron Johnson Asks Witnesses Blunt Questions About Climat...

'Basically We're Trafficking Children': GOP Lawmaker Rips Handling Of Un...

BREAKING NEWS: Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals New Whistleblower For Alle...

What’s REALLY Going On At The Border

Should Society Lock Down to Save the Planet?

smh. Just smh.  The educational system has clearly failed us.

Friday, April 28, 2023

How Legacy Media Lied and Misinformed Us for Decades with Ashley Rindsberg

According to the Congressional report, Iraq DID have WMDS. The bad reporting was when the media conflated WMDs with nuclear weapons in order to say that the claim of WMDs was a lie. Iraq did have chemical weapons (Which ARE WMDs), had used them on their own people and had plans to create nuclear weapons.

The Wrap Up Special Report: Crisis at the U.S. Southern Border

Is Biden FBI Spying on YOU?

And Man Created A.I. in His Own Image: Why Elon Musk is Worried About A...

USA for Africa

'Egregious Misconduct' by State Police Lab Gets 27,000 Cases Reopened

Andy Biggs Claims 'Fast And Furious' Isn't Over, Confronts ATF Director

Wednesday, April 26, 2023


Then the UN needs to be abolished. 

'How Are You Going To Enforce This?': Jim Jordan Grills ATF Director Abo...

FACT CHECK: Biden 2024 Announcement is FULL of Lies! | Louder With Crowder

Language warning

They Want You to Lie

Mother's Day Is Becoming Woke

So, these companies don't want people to buy from them to gift their beloved Mothers for Mother's Day?

Fox News Fired Tucker Carlson For Being Too Religious?

Is Transgenderism a Social Contagion?

AOC Has a Point

Chip Roy Give BLISTERING Remarks on Reckless Spending

Ben Shapiro Reacts to Jazz Jennings Reacting to Ben Shapiro

They conflict with the Standard Islamic Narrative!

If You Can Choose Your Gender Can You Choose Your Race?

This Is What They Are Sneaking Into Kid’s Shows Now

First Right-to-Repair Law PASSED!

Shocking Truth About Abortion Exposed: Children's Lives at Stake and Evi...

How to Empower Women in 2023!

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The Corrupt Media GLOATS Over Fox Lawsuit

Banning Books Is VERY American, Actually

Tucker Carlson FIRED from Fox News? Is it the END of Fox? Probably... Vi...

Savanah Hernandez: Why I'll Never Stop Fighting for Free Speech

Life Is the Fundamental Right

Stossel Confronts a Professor

"Languaging"? So the word "language" is a verb now?  One might think a rhetoric professor would be aware of the value of standardized language to facilitate communication and prevent misunderstandings. 

Hearing From God (Answers S3E8)

The TRUTH About Female Educators... | Jordan Peterson

after ten years, John Deere FINALLY lost

Amazon has gone too far

Shocking: Champion Swimmer Riley Gaines Being Physically Assaulted by Tr...

Monday, April 17, 2023

Here is WHY MrBeast is in BIG Trouble

You MUST Hear Bud Light’s Half-Brewed Apology

This Creepy Youtuber Makes Content For Kids

Biden Takes Full Responsibility for Afghanistan DISASTER

Bud Light Is Feeling The Heat

The Clydesdales have my condolences. Promoting transgenderism is damaging to America and the republicans should pick a lane and drive in it instead of weaving back and forth across the road in the hope of pleasing everyone.

Pentagon Leak EXPLAINED - Media Now Working to PROTECT the Government! V...

David Hogg Learned Nothing at Harvard

What is FBI Hiding About Hunter Biden’s Gun?

Fossil Fuels: The Big Picture

The Truth About Elon’s Twitter.

China Hits a New Low, People are Fleeing in Droves!

Daniel Radcliffe's New Fantasy World Is Grotesque

Sunday, April 16, 2023

They’re training the AI to ‘lie’: Elon Musk

Lying is dangerous enough when it is done by humans...

Ali Dawah Debunks Christianity? (LIVE with the Apostate Prophet!)