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Monday, April 5, 2021

Did They Have Germs Back Then? - Spanish Military Hospital 1784

Follow the Science

VIRAL: Pastor's EPIC Rant Chases off Lockdown Police

Because this IS what it looks like when the government is becoming tyrannical. It looks just like people who are behaving badly are being unreasonable in defense of their rights when they could just go along to get along like "normal" people. It starts out looking like that and before you know it it has become something entirely different and everyone who is left wonders how they got there. 

They got there by complying when they should have spoken out. 

There is a substantive difference between being polite and kind - say choosing to wear a mask even when the actual science shows it has little to no effect on slowing the spread - and being subservient to a government that has overstepped it's boundaries. (Granted this is in Canada, so they have differing views with regard to the rights we are supposed to be holding as sacred here in the USA, but we should be paying attention.)

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Resurrection Sunday - April 4, 2021 ("Our God's Alive" - 1 Cor 15)

Our God, He Is Alive

A belated Happy Resurrection Day to all

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