Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trust isn't everything, it's the Only thing.

I have been rather forcibly reminded of the value of trust over the last few days. I have posted on this in a few other spots, but having had it reinforced recently, I felt perhaps this would be a good time to examine it

When you cannot trust someone, it becomes impossible to have a relationship of any sort with them. Could you trust a boss who only keeps their promise to pay you for your work occasionally? How about a leader who says they will support you if you have any difficulties and then refuses to do so when it counts? How many such occurrences need take place before someone is deemed untrustworthy? How many lies does one have to tell before one is considered to be a liar?"

One of the reasons I am posting on this today is that I saw Ingrid Mattson's appearance at the DNC on CNN or C-span(whichever one it is that I get). She was lecturing the DNC and America on the value of telling the truth. The value of being trustworthy. I found this to be particularly interesting because Ms. Mattson happens to be the current head of the Islamic Society of North America.

Ms. Mattson is a convert to Islam from Catholicism and she seems to spend a great deal of time trying to convince us that the real Islam is a loving, and kind religion being exploited by those who do not hold to it's "true" teachings. Ms. Mattson is asking me to believe that a woman who grew up in a Catholic home in Canada knows the "true" teachings better than those who grew up studying the Koran daily under the instruction of Islamic holy men (Otherwise known as those irresponsible terrorists who have hijacked the "true" religion for their own purposes) A book which is illegal under it's own laws to translate into another language because that might cause confusion among it's adherents. (Thus, every convert is expected to learn Arabic.)Perhaps she missed the bits about taqiyya. This is the practice of lying to protect yourself or advance your goals.

So, here we have this well spoken, Canadian woman who has converted to a religion which allows lying under a number of circumstances (there are more lies allowed than just under taqiyya) lecturing Americans about the importance of telling the truth at a major political party's convention. Every terrorist who has access to a television set that showed it must be laughing themselves silly just thinking about how stupid we are.

For the record, if someone believes that lying is acceptable to advance their cause, they are not trustworthy in any area of their life. Because you and I have no way of knowing what their cause is, we have no way to tell what they may lie about and therefore can trust them in nothing. Is there anyone who believes otherwise?

"16These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
17A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
18An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. " ~Prov 6: 16-19


Terry Morris said...

Nice post.

What is it, liberalism, that teaches proselytes that they as new converts know more about the thing they've converted to than those who have been its devoted followers for many generations?

We see this in a variety of manifestations. For instance, Stephen Hopewell recently engaged a discussion with a libertarian who admitted to being a recent immigrant to America, then proceeded to explain why the founding fathers were more libertarian than principled traditionalists; why as a libertarian his philosophy was more in line with historic Americanism than Stephen's.

Are you as offended as I am by such presumptuousness?

Call Me Mom said...

What is amazing to me is how a formerly catholic girl can convert to a religion whose god prides himself on lying.

"One of the foundational theological problems for Islam in this matter is the fact that Allah prides himself to be "the best of deceivers" (Âl 'Imran 3:54, Al-Anfal 8:30). How then can deception be negative and morally wrong for Muslims when it is a matter of pride for Allah, the god of Islam? For a detailed discussion of this matter, see Allah – The Greatest Deceiver of them All." (the link is:

Then this same woman dares to attend the DNC and lecture us on the importance of truth. And the dems applaud her for it.How stupid are we?

Call Me Mom said...

As for your question about presumptuousness, yes. I have noticed, however, that most folks will just sit and listen rather than defend their own history. I suppose that is because most haven't bothered to study it.

Terry Morris said...

Yes, that's amazing. I don't get it either.

I watched very little of the Democrat Convention. Why is it that every speaker at these things tells his/her version of the exact same story?...

Call Me Mom said...

To tell you the truth, Terry, I didn't watch much of it either. I was flipping through the stations because I couldn't sleep and it caught my eye. When I realized she wasn't addressing some margin group, but rather was speaking at the DNC, I was shocked.

Terry Morris said...

What little of the convention I watched I saw this:

-The first and only three star female Army General, who served as the chairman (chairperson?) of some war making body in the Pentagon. This woman was so soft spoken and "feminine" that I was at a complete loss.

-A female Army Major - helicopter pilot - who had lost both legs in a fiery crash during her service in Iraq. She was obviously very angry at President Bush about the loss of her legs, while maintaining that she is a patriot who served her country willingly and without question.

-The emotional story of Joe Biden's loss of his wife and child in a car accident as he was about to take his oath of office for his first term in the U.S. Senate. The story even had me in tears until Biden got up to speak. He'd barely begun his speech when he mentioned the strong moral character and leadership of President Clinton; that he (Biden) felt that he paled in comparison to Clinton. Then my tears dried up!

That's what I saw, I kid you not.

Call Me Mom said...

He mentioned the strong moral leadership of President Clinton at this year's DNC!?

Is there a better reason to not vote for this ticket? This man has lost any ability he ever had to discern the truth from lies. He is not fit to lead this nation.

Terry Morris said...

He mentioned the strong moral leadership of President Clinton at this year's DNC!?

Yep. Biden spoke after Clinton. And he said something to the effect that he was honored to be on the same stage as Clinton. Repugnant moral ingrate that Clinton is, notwithstanding (my words, not Biden's).

Flatulent Fuzz said...

Not to make light of a serious post, but... What if a woman asks her husband if she looks fat??

Is it ok to lie then?

Call Me Mom said...


No. I never said the truth couldn't be presented tactfully. One hopes you love your wife enough to love her curves and let her know it.

Good luck with that. ;)

Flatulent Fuzz said...

Oh... I love the curves.. and my wife too... as long as they stay in the shape of an hour glass!! :-)

I kid.. I kid...

Flatulent Fuzz said...

Oh.. and I am really growing quite fond of being called Fuzz!

Thanks, Mom. :-)

The_Editrix said...

I arrived here via Webster's Blogspot and as I have nothing to add to the core of this excellent post, I would, however, like to add a slightly different aspect. Maybe I'm paranoid, but do you, like I do, notice that mistrust is increasingly stifling our society? Case in point: I spent quite a bit of money to buy collars embroidered with my mobile phone number for my three precious dogs. I was then made aware by another dog owner that a major animal protection organisation advises against anything like that because there are cases where dogs wearing their owners' telephone number were caught and only given back for a ransom.

I haven't the slightest doubt that the majority of people are decent and well-meaning and that such an identification will spare dog and owner a lot of heartbreak. My little terrier bitch once ran away and had she worn such a collar it would have been a matter of hours, not of excruciatingly painful two days and nights.

The animal protection organisation in question is known to campaign against the owners of gundogs, those who go shooting (what you Americans call "hunting"), that is, not those who get such a dog and then perversely "re-train" him not to go after game anymore. Such an organisation is, to all intents and purposes, a leftist one. That made me aware of the fact how much leftist ideology relies on sowing mistrust between people. The vast majority of people will NOT catch a dog and then ask for a ransom.

As I said, it doesn't stop at dogs' theft. Most fathers will NOT sexually abuse their children, most husbands will NOT beat their wives, and in intact communities you can leave your house and car unlocked.

Do we ever realize how much such general suspicions have already destroyed our society? And, to finally come back to the topic of this post, do we realize what we can expect from an ideology of which lie and deception are part and parcel?

Call Me Mom said...

Nice to see you here.
I agree with you. I grew up in a city and we practically never locked our doors. We knew our neighbors and watched out for one another. As a child I would wander anywhere within a 5 mile radius of my home with friends on a daily basis and none of our parents thought anything of it.
It seems that anything we do is against some law or other, or is no longer healthy, or is cruel to animals, children, the elderly or the environment.

I believe that the overwhelming amount of legislation and political correctness has had a paralyzing effect on people.