Friday, August 28, 2009

T.E.A. in Sheboygan

Just a head's up for all you folks in the Sheboygan area. There will be a T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) party at Sheboygan's Fountain Park on Saturday, September 5th from 11:00-1:00, rain or shine. The details for the event can be found here.

Speakers will include: Emcee Scott Sidney, a regional coordinator for AFP; Conservative radio talk show host, Jerry Bader; long time activist for the Wisconsin Prosperity Network, Linda Hansen; Pastor David King, founder of Milwaukee's God Squad (Who will hopefully not be using the same metaphors he used in Madison- but then, he is a democrat willing to speak against the profligate spending coming out of D.C.); Mark Block, state director for AFP; Dr. Phil Zimmermann, resident physician at the UW-Madison and director of and Bob Basso as Thomas Paine.

It sounds like it should be a wonderful mix of speakers. I have a schedule conflict, but if I can manage around it, I plan to attend.

"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14


Dr.D said...

Mom, in your post over at the American Federalist, speaking of Pastor David King, you said, "He continued with his humorous drug analogies and went into a different analogy of what we, as taxpayers were getting from our government. He said "We got a taste of gettin s*****d without gettin kissed""

I cannot fathom what sort of Pastor this man is speaking that way at a public gathering. This is a disgrace, but then that seems to be a trend among "modern" ministers these days, the really "hip" ministers who want to show that they are not setting any sort of example by their own lives.

I have a lot of difficulty parsing the phrase, "humorous drug analogies"; what does this mean? I presume you are speaking of narcotics, but how does one find humor in such?

Do you think, Mom, that your closing scripture quote from Ps 19 fits with what you have said of this man?

Call Me Mom said...

He was indicating that the governor in particular and the legislature in general, on both the state and federal levels, were behaving in ways that were what one might typically expect of a drug addict. He made several references to crack cocaine having had an influence on the writing of the budget and etc.

I was less than impressed with that type of humor in a crowd containing small children, myself. I was very happy that my son was not of an age any longer to ask me for explanations of some of his remarks.

To be fair, I think some of these pastors are attempting to show their congregations that they understand the modern world by such behavior. That they are approachable. I think they toss the baby out with the bath water when they do so, that they are undervaluing/underestimating their congregations to do so. It is one thing to be knowledgeable about human nature, it is another to match your behavior to that of those who have lost or perhaps never had enough self-respect to behave differently to make oneself acceptable to them. I think you can be acceptable to anyone without swearing or insulting or using lewd humor. I think a pastor should be helping his congregation to come up to a level where they are comfortable not doing that, not making that their current level an acceptable place to stay.

I tend to believe that of all leaders in any capacity. That the point of leadership is bringing people up and giving them the tools to continue the climb without you. To help them become the best person they can, not to encourage them to stay as they are and I think that is where such behavior goes astray. I don't know if I am expressing this very well. Does that make sense?

Call Me Mom said...

AS for the closing scripture, I was hoping this man would see it and be instructed, if that's not to forward of me. :)

DR said...

We are going to try and make it down to the event. It will just depend on my wife's work schedule.

Call Me Mom said...

I may be able to make it to this event too. My schedule had some unexpected changes, so it should work out. My boy wants to go with me, so we may see you there. (We won't know who you are, but we may see you-lol)

Terry Morris said...

Our next local TEA rally is to be held on Sept. 12. Unfortunately I won't be able to make this one due to other obligations. But my spirit will be there. :-)

DR said...

Call Me Mom,

You would have recognized me. I would be the guy with fifty children;-) On a serious note, I will have to email you and maybe our families can meet up at the next tea party. Our problem is always working around my wife's work schedule.

Call Me Mom said...

Please do. I'd like the opportunity to put a face with the initials.
My profile has a contact e-mail.

DR said...
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Call Me Mom said...

Thanks for sharing DR. Would you prefer that I delete you remail address from the posts here now that I have it?