Saturday, October 2, 2010

Way Up North: Going Galt?

Way Up North: Going Galt?: "Do you know what life would be like under a truly free, Constitutionally-limited government?

No, you don't. Frankly, none of us do. We have an idea, but that's all. The bureaucracy has been growing beyond need, beyond reason, for well over 100 years. No one alive remembers what it was like to be truly free, in the way our Founders intended.

But while you imagine and desire life under such a system, we must also understand that one election is NOT going to turn this thing around. It took a long time for us to wander so far off track; it will take a long time to return. Many a Himalayan mountain of red tape would have to be untangled, and there are hundreds of thousands of employees who would lose their jobs. Such a dismantling would be ugly, and unpleasant, for a time."

This post is worth reading. I would also point out that in the revolutionary war, the Americans lost one percent of their population in battle. To put it in real terms, that would be the equivalent of losing about three million people out of our current population of approximately 300 million. The importance of having the luxury of taking our country back through the electoral process cannot be demonstrated any better than by that number.
(Thanks to Mr. Morris for the correction.)

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Terry Morris said...

You mean it would be equivalent to losing three million of our population?

Call Me Mom said...

You are correct Mr. Morris.
I am a bit fuzzy these days. Thank you for the correction.

"The wounds of a friend are faithful." :)

Terry Morris said...

You're welcome. That's a supremely easy mistake to make. I know, I've done it many times myself.

DR said...

Thanks for linking to the article.