Monday, January 24, 2011

For Wisconson Voters - SB6

We have a new republican majority in WI. (There are even some indications that we may have a conservative majority.) Senator Leibham has once again introduced a voter photo ID bill and it will be debated on Wed., Jan 26th. You can see the column Sen. Leibham wrote concerning this bill here.

Because this bill does not require a new type of ID for voting, but rather relies on types of ID that most people already have, while waiving the fee for those who do not currently possess such an ID and cannot afford to get one, this bill seems like a reasonable and necessary measure to protect the integrity of the voting process in WI. The text of the bill may be found here.

If you cannot show up in Madison for the debate, you may send your thoughts to Sen. Liebham at to be included in the public record. (Of course, that's if Sen Leibham is YOUR Senator. If not, I recommend you contact your own senator. You can probably find an e-mail address for him or her here. Be sure to ask that your testimony be included in the public record.)

The opposition to this bill seems to be based on the fact that that we've always allowed people to vote with someone else to vouch for them and this bill will remove that convenience. There is an article here on that point.
(It seems like common sense, but the headline of that article, despite their "truth-o-meter" is incorrect. There have been several instances of voter fraud in WI in recent years.)

In the end, it's really up to us to let our legislators know if we think the integrity of our legislative process needs to be tightened or if we think it's fine as it is. Bearing in mind that the political climate of our day has become polarized and somewhat extreme, particularly on the progressive side of the aisle. (In my observation.)

I understand that those who believe in progressivism/collectivism believe passionately that we must become a more socialist nation. I disagree just as passionately, as do many in this nation. This is the struggle for liberty of our time. I don't think it can be peacefully won if the integrity of the voting process is undermined or left vulnerable. I prefer to trust the people of this nation as a whole, but I know that one bad apple can spoil a whole barrel, if left unattended. Let's make sure we are attending to our apples.

"And if a man also strive for masteries, yet is he not crowned, except he strive lawfully."~ 2Tim 2:5


DR said...

Let's hope we can get voter ID passed. I used a paragraph and linked back. Let's hope our side don't sit this fight out.

Your radio broadcast was spot on. I buy from Patriot Post all the time and there is nothing inappropriate about their stickers. It seems Sen. Boxer and her party will stop at nothing in their attempt to destroy our Constitutional liberties.

Call Me Mom said...

Thanks for the link DR. I hope our side doesn't sit this one out either.

I hope today's show was okay. It was a troubling topic. I updated the rating to mature because there was so much disturbing information in that report. I couldn't even bring myself to share the worst of it.

Soapbox Jill said...

Without the integrity of our vote, we have nothing. It is the only way we truly have any voice. People who do not want to insure that integrity of the vote are from another planet, in my view. Anyone wanting fairness and integrity, and the people to have a true say in their government, would agree to this bill.

SR said...

I fully support voter ID. In some states you must register 30 days before an election to be able to vote. Once registered, all you have to do is present your ID to vote; simple and helps keep it legit.

There were more than a few instances of voter fraud in Wisconsin. The way the voter laws were written an illegal alien could register to vote while still living in their country of origin.

Don't be fooled by the claims that some communities were not able to process military ballots in time; they are required to send out write-in ballots long before the official ballots are printed. The write in is to be counted if the official ballot never arrives.

Call Me Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by Soapbox Jill and SR.