Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Glen Grothman speaks on Gov. Walker's Budget repair bill.

After the showing of the movie "The Cartel" by the Sheboygan Liberty Coalition on Monday, Senator Glenn Grothman arrived to speak and answer questions for the audience. He was running a little late because of the snow, and was subjected to (what I have been told was) somewhat hostile questioning from people who are not even his constituents. but he graciously allowed the questions. For an account of that, I recommend you visit Soapbox Jill's blog as I had a prior commitment and had to leave when he had finished his remarks.

What follows are the videos of Senator Grothman's remarks on:

The budget repair bill

Collective Bargaining, Badgercare and Medicaid

4K kindergarten and head start

Finishing of remarks and beginning of questions

"A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger."~Proverbs 15:1


DR said...

Sen. Grothman and his staff are constantly fighting on behalf of Wisconsin's taxpayers. I wish more members of the state Senate had his understanding of civil liberties and freedom.

Call Me Mom said...

You and me both. I love it that he didn't curb his thoughts on liberals insisting that everything must be measured by race.

DR said...

It seems that whenever a positive piece of legislation comes out his name is attached to it. His staff also daily updates on what's going on in Madison. Obviously he and his staff understands what public service really is.

Thank you for posting these videos.

Call Me Mom said...

You are welcome, but the kudos go to one of the SLC founders for dragging me out of my comfy home with a specific request for my attendance-lol.

Otherwise, I had planned to stay home and continue to nurse my cold-lazy thing that I am.

DR said...

I hope you get over the cold soon and feel better.