Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just a Quick Visit and Entitletown

When I go to visit my family in Madison, I like to visit the capital as well. It gives me the opportunity to talk to my legislators(if they are in - it helps if you call or e-mail first)This trip was no different. So, for those of you who are farther away from Madison, here is a quick rundown and some photos of my visit to the capital. (capitol/capital, I can never remember which one is the proper one to refer to the building itself.)

To start, I wanted to see the "tent city" that the inhabitants have dubbed Walkerville, but that conservatives refer to as Entitletown. As you can see, it's not too imposing. That may be because of the lovely thunderstorm that went through the evening before, or this may be the size it always was. (I'm assuming that those tents I saw had been taken down and put up again after the storm passed through, because with the tornado warnings and the hail, it would take a really stupid person to stay in a tent when they had better shelter available.)

The sign said "Welcome to Walkerville pop: awesome". I don't doubt they were motivated by some degree of self interest as they had signs and other supplies available for the "campers".

"Solidarity City" was next in line. these folks seemed to be truly enjoying their stay.

And the last group was on the next block up. There were no tents on the capital grounds, for which I was thankful.

This is where the drummer was sitting for a short bit before I snapped the photo. I suspect he or one of his fellow war protesters were responsible for the noise complaint call from Mrs. Risser. (Yes, that would be Mrs. Fred Risser, wife of one of the fleebaggers.)

There was also the usual unique types of people common to Madison. (I would kind of like to see a kitty circus.)

I saw no chalked messages on the sidewalks.

And the lawns seem to be recovering.

While I still had to go through the metal detector, the atmosphere was markedly different. There were signs posted on the doors and near the security screening area, but they were helpful and informative signs to let visitors know what is and is not allowed in the building.

It was lighter and much closer to the dignified and welcoming feel of pre-protest visits.

A far more amenable atmosphere in which the actual business of the building may take place.

Even though the day I visited was overcast, the rotunda still felt much airier and lighter than on the day I visited towards the end of the protests which had been a bright and sunny day. I've always enjoyed standing under the rotunda dome and lookiing up. If you happen to be visiting Madison, stop in and see your legislators. They are, for the most part, personable and polite when they disagree with you and downright welcoming when they agree or are looking for input before making up their mind how to vote. It's a participatory process, folks. Participate. You'll be glad you did.

"And thy renown went forth among the heathen for thy beauty: for it was perfect through my comeliness, which I had put upon thee, saith the Lord GOD." ~ Eze 16:14


DR said...

The left is only hurting themselves by acting so childish. Now if we could get our Republican control government to actually cut the size of state government. If that ever happens then the lefties will really be upset.

Call Me Mom said...

It needs to be done.