Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winds of Secession?

Update 11/13/12: Here is a list with total signatures of the states that currently have petitions to secede at As you can see, there are a few states that have more than one petition. Interesting.
  1. Alabama - 16,255
  2. Alaska - 601
  3. Arizona - 9,281
  4. Arkansas - 12,186
  5. California - #1- 12; #2- 3,561
  6. Colorado - 12,395
  7. Delaware - 3,393
  8. Florida - 17,368
  9. Georgia - #1-16,201; #2-8,555
  10. Indiana - 10,969
  11. Kansas - 736
  12. Kentucky - 10,710
  13. Louisiana - 25,465
  14. Michigan - 11,168
  15. Mississippi - 10,884
  16. Missouri - #1-10,417; #2-9,077 #3-10,336
  17. Montana - 8,744
  18. Nevada - 4,617
  19. New Jersey - 8,520
  20. New York - #1-10,129; #2-2,691
  21. North Carolina - 15,195
  22. North Dakota - 7,837
  23. Ohio - 3,352
  24. Oklahoma - #1-1,643;#2-9,273
  25. Oregon - 9,101
  26. Pennsylvania - 5,986
  27. South Carolina - #1-9,761; #2-12,758
  28. Tennessee - 15,927
  29. Texas - 57,276
  30. Utah - 2,305
  31. Wyoming - 2,375
And of course this list would be unfair if I didn't include a link to this petition:
. Please note that the numbers had changed by the time I went back to double check them-usually by about 200+ signatures and Kansas appeared while I was making this list at 1:00am. I think anyone may sign any petition so I assume that there are some folks who are signing them all. Makes this a right mess to figure out. Still interesting. As with any document, be sure you read it before you sign it.

In the aftermath of the "election", some are choosing to play by the rules, in apparent denial of the fact that those whom they are opposing have thrown out the rule-book altogether, by demanding recounts and etc. It didn't work for those who opposed Saddam Hussein and I suspect it won't work in America either. It is the state of denial that insists that if we play nice, so will they. Reality is about to bite hard, but I wish them luck ...and a swift awakening to reality that isn't too painful.

Some folks are doing something a bit different. As of this writing, Louisiana, TexasAlabama, New York, Colorado,and North Carolina all have petitions at peacefully requesting secession. Now, this is not as official as it sounds, since anyone may start their own petition at the site and when it reaches 30,000 signatures, then the petition is bumped up to the next level bureaucrat who decides whether or not it will be ignored. I would guess that no matter how many signatures are gathered, these will be ignored unless this administration decides they can be used against us in some way. 

In point of fact the fellow who started the North Carolina petition, has people commenting on his blog that they would sign in a heartbeat, but for the fact that they don't want to put their name to anything that might drawn the negative attention of this administration. And that's the problem right there, isn't it? If they felt free enough to sign those petitions, there would be no need for them. That they feel too threatened by this administration to even sign such a thing is indicative of the tyranny with which this administration has been credited. I suspect it will get much worse before it gets better.    

 The entire premise of this nation, up to the Civil War was that the United States were united by their agreement to be so. The U. S. Constitution is the contract by which the states agreed to be united, which is why it is a list of restrictions on what the federal level of the government may do rather than a grant of authority to do whatever it thinks necessary. The states didn't want a high handed federal government telling them what they could and could not do - that was the bailiwick of the citizens of those states.

Many (mostly those who favor the out of control, micromanaging, spendthrift nanny state we currently suffer) will argue that the civil war ended state sovereignty. Others will argue that state sovereignty is no more negotiable that one's right to control what one eats or drinks, it is self evident and therefore unalienable.(Mrs. obama may have tried to force those kids to eat healthy, but they refused to eat her choices for them and went hungry instead - see the parallel to freedom there?) 

They have 30 days from their posting to get those signatures. What will be done if they get them? Hard to tell. I suspect this administration will, as they have done in so many other areas, simply ignore them. That's not the question. The question is what will the people do?

Update 11/11/12: As of this writing, 14 more states have added their petitions to the milieu. California, Missouri (Actually there are two petitions from Missouri), Tennessee, Michigan, South Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi , Montana, North Dakota, Apparently the petition for the secession of New York was filed by someone in North Dakota. Why? Who knows, but any number of reasons spring to mind from humor to cutting out the UN heart of this tyrannical administration. Keep up on new petitions here. Be aware that in order to sign the petitions there, one must have a account

"The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the Lord trieth the hearts.
 A wicked doer giveth heed to false lips; and a liar giveth ear to a naughty tongue."~ Proverbs 17:3-4


Blogger said...

I came to your website via Stormfront Forum. I'm curious...are you a white nationalist? Whatever the case, I just thought I'd leave a comment. If you are a WN, I invite you to pick up copies of two pro-white novels that might interest you. The links are at the bottom of this post.

PS: That was a nice portrait of you when you were younger.

Here’s a link to the CALIFORNIA Secession Vote:
Sign Sovereign WN State Petition

Hold Back This Day
The Towers of Eden

Call Me Mom said...

Welcome Mr. Kendall and a big "Thank You" to the nice folks at stormfront for the mentions. Thanks for the link to CA's petition as well.

As for the question of whether or not I am a white nationalist, I am unfamiliar with the term. I am an American, by birth, by philosophy and by the gift of God. I am content with that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mom,

The total signatures for Texas are just short of 100,000 now. I think there is a real possibility that Texas might pull out, and if it does, Oklahoma will almost certainly go also. If it does, I will certainly go home to Texas to finish out my days. It would be a blessed relief to escape this declining marxist state.

Fr. Sam+