Sunday, March 23, 2014

Political Pistachio: A Coddled Tyrant

This post by a friend of mine, Douglas V. Gibbs, said what I have been thinking for some time. As I could not have said it better myself, it seemed like a good idea to share his post:

"One more parallel exists.  As with the British, the attempt by the federal government is to influence public opinion through misinformation.  The press has always been a valuable weapon for tyranny, serving as an important tool in any propaganda campaign.  To properly carry out such insidious public opinion engineering, however, the tyrant needs more than just a compliant and complicit media, but one that is fully aware of what the flow of information is supposed to be.  Theirs is not about what is best for the country, but what is best for their agenda.  It is not enough to lead the Americans to socialism.  These tyrants wish for the American people to raise the red flag of socialism themselves, willingly, and enthusiastically.

The leftists in control of the federal government are not interested in being reasoned with, because their agenda for socialism trumps the welfare of the United States, or the welfare of its citizens.  No other choice exists, but to stand up against the federal government, and restore our Constitutional Republic."

See more of this excellent post at: Political Pistachio: A Coddled Tyrant

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