Thursday, June 4, 2015

Political Pistachio: A Religious Crusade?

Political Pistachio: A Religious Crusade?: The key to a successful free society is when a society is a virtuous society.  The success of the American System is primarily due to the fact that the foundation of our country is rooted in Judeo-Christian values and principles.


America began as a Great Experiment in self-government, a test on whether or not limitations upon a central government could succeed.  We are no longer that experiment.  We are an accomplishment, or at least we were.  The experiment succeeded beyond anyone's expectations.  The United States of America became an exceptional nation, an exception to the rule of tyranny, of which most nations are, and have been in history.  Liberty is the exception, in history.  America is a miracle.  The question is, can we restore the miracle, provide an opportunity for the miracle to occur again in the future, or can we squeeze out of the miracle a little more freedom, a little more Godliness, and a little more hope as we enter an age that is doomed to become darker with each passing year.

Regardless of the outcome, the fight is a noble one.  An American one.
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