Monday, April 18, 2016

Republican Voters Ignoring This Obvious Problem with Cruz & Trump

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Unknown said...

Well, in fairness to the guest (Mr. Pratt), he wasn't saying "it's okay when Republicans do it, but not okay when Democrats do it." It all depends on motive.

He didn't explain it very well, and I assume that is because he was sort of put on the spot and was not prepared for the question, but nevertheless he is right that this happens all the time, literally, in the legislative process, at both the State and federal levels.

The whole idea is to craft an amendment to a bill (or even a new bill itself meant to kill another bill) that is so utterly ridiculous no one in his right mind would ever vote for it, and this has the effect of killing the bill when nothing else will.

Now, when this is done one runs the risk, if ever so slight, that it will backfire, and this, I suppose, is what Trolley is concerned about. Something like that happened a few years back in Oklahoma with regard to our "life at conception" legislation, where a Democrat House or Senate member decided to try this tactic, and the Republicans called her on the bluff and voted for the bill, including the (ridiculous) amendment.

But I think what Mr. Trolley is talking about with regard to Sen. Cruz's bill - expatriation with no recourse to due process - is something that literally has, on magnitudes of order, less chance of ever passing in either U.S. house than a snowball's chance in hell. Cruz had to have known that. Thus, his motive was very likely pure.

Personally I don't like Cruz. But fairness where fairness is due.