Thursday, February 27, 2020

COVID-19 26 Feb Developments

There are a lot of people commenting negatively about the probable response of US citizens to such measures as quarantine.

The thing about self evident and unalienable rights is that they have self evident limits. You don't get to infringe on your neighbor's rights to exercise yours. The founding philosophy of the US is one of self reliance and personal responsibility. It should be interesting to see how much of that philosophy remains and how much will be revived by such a challenge.

I would and am planning for quarantine and can say the same for my extended family. My mother knows what quarantines were like from her youth when, after your family - who had been quarantined in their home with big signs posted to that effect on the door - had recovered, you had to burn everything in the house that couldn't be sterilized.  I think about that and look around at our homes today and the attitudes of many who think they are somehow special enough that reality won't/shouldn't affect them.
I say it is time for the USA to bring our game up. And that should start with telling the truth and not comparing this to the flu in an effort to "keep people from panicking". We are supposed to be adults. Adults do not need to be shielded from reality. We need to be prepared for it when it hits.

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