Thursday, May 5, 2022

Breaking Secrecy: Alito Abortion Opinion Leak Shatters Foundation of Sup...

This blogger thinks that the original Roe decision was
correct in that the Federal government does have a vested interest in
regulating abortion because they have a duty to protect the lives of the
Here is where the problem lies with Roe. The ruling for Roe said they (the justices) had examined when life was thought to begin throughout world history - and the history of it in this nation - and that we had no scientific evidence to say conclusively that life begins at conception. 
AND that, should our knowledge increase to the point that we could know that definitively, then Roe should be overturned to be in line with that knowledge. 

The fact that there are people walking around today who were created in vitro
and never spent a single second inside the womb of their biological mother
indicates pretty conclusively that life begins at conception. That being so,
the SCOTUS should have revisited ROE and made abortion illegal in view of that
information, except in cases where the pregnancy endangers the life of the
mother. Then it needs to be the mother's decision.

All that said, this blogger seriously doubts that "justice" roberts will side with Justice Alito and the others.  Given his grievous decisions in the past, it seems unlikely that we will see him standing for anything that goes against the narrative being pushed on us over the past few decades - sad as it is to say so about anyone who has gone through the process to hold such a position.

"46 And he said, Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers." ~ Luke 11

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