Saturday, November 25, 2023

Facts Ep. 7: You Should Be Worried About The Pink Wave

Not sure that the election of Mr. Milei  was a good thing. 
Not that the dangerous communist/socialist stuff shouldn't be overthrown, but the (admittedly very) little that this blogger has seen of the man does not recommend him, but inspires a sense of unease that this is not what it seems.
 He is not the Argentinian equivalent of Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump has more sense and a methodical approach to both business and government. (That approach, part of which is allowing someone whom other CEOs might oust as a matter of course - the opportunity to do their job to see if they do it well - was part of the problem in his first administration because, clearly the bureaucratic class thought/thinks they know better than the American people who put him into office. In this blogger's opinion, knowing that he was coming into the office after Mr. obama had 8 years to purge all the competent people who were in accord with the founding principles of this nation, he would have done better to fire them all as soon as replacements could be found. Of course that would have required a LOT of replacements to be found.)

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