Monday, February 5, 2024

The TRUTH About The "Bipartisan" $118 Billion Senate Border Bill...

So ... they want to allow thousands of people a day to break our laws before they will enforce our laws.

Doesn't that mean that they CAN close the border right now, but they WON'T ... for some reason? 

Hmmmm. Add in that our government is sending OUR tax money to the UN and hundreds of NGO's who are using OUR tax money to help these people come here and break our laws. 

It becomes ever more difficult to view this invasion(not to mention the human trafficking and abuse of the children who are being trafficked BY OUR GOVERNMENT - over 85,000 children unable to be found since being handed over to unvetted "guardians/agencies/etc" That's slavery, here, in the USA, facilitated by the government.) 
Have you called your congressional representatives yet? If not, why not? Our government REQUIRES our participation to work properly.

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