Friday, December 17, 2010

"Time's Up!": Filing Sexual Assault Charges Against TSA Screeners

"Time's Up!": Filing Sexual Assault Charges Against TSA Screeners

"You can fight back with following explicit instructions. You have rights and by "fighting back" I am referring to via the Police Departments and Sexual Assault Investigators/Detectives within the police departments, FBI and the media.

Get to the airport early.

First, calmly and respectfully tell the TSA Screener that you are objecting to the invasive body search even though you are not being given a choice to either refuse it or leave the airport.
This means that you are being forced against your will to submit. If they tell you that you must submit, then it is like a man putting a knife to your throat and giving you no choice. You are forced either way."

Please read the rest of this excellent article on how to stand up for your fourth, fifth and eighth amendment rights with regard to the new TSA "enhanced pat-down" procedures/scanners.

We, as Americans have a duty to stand up for our rights, even if it is inconvenient, embarrassing and scary. It is our duty. I suggest that everyone who flies should download this article, print it off and do exactly as the article suggests.

"Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.
"~Job 13:15


Anonymous said...

It's good to run into a like-thinker! Thanks for the link!

When people argue that it's not sexual assault, I ask them to perform an advanced patdown on the first five people they see in a store, a young girl in front of her parents, and a woman in front of her husband.

A uniform does not change what it is.

I've covered this extensively on my blog.

Call Me Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by Artic Patriot. I'll check out your blog.