Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 A Day of Remembrance

Remembrance, NOT service.
A day to remember that we were viciously attacked by those following the dictates of their god. That's right, their god, not our god, because no matter what nonsense you may have seen, heard or read, allah and the God of the Bible are not one and the same.

It is a day for remembrance, and well do I remember that day. I turned the television on only because the lesson I had planned for my son that morning was to watch a newscast and discuss how today's events turn into tomorrow's history. It was a very effective lesson.

That day's events spurred me to learn about Islam. Because the first rule of war is "know thy enemy", and Islam, by that attack had made itself clearly and unequivocally the enemy of America. I listened to President Bush call Islam a religion of peace and urge us to be tolerant and careful of one another. I was willing to give American muslims the benefit of the doubt. To say to myself that, surely, this was the work of radicals and extremists.

Ten years later, I am well versed in the inconvenient and politically incorrect truth. The truth that Islam, true Islam is every bit as violent and bloody as those who had been sounding the warning klaxons towards America's vulnerability had claimed and worse.

Am I saying that all those who call themselves and think themselves muslims are violent jihadis? No. Many are simply poorly informed and the victims of taqiyya or following a fad. Many are what Christians would refer to as "casual" followers. You know, the sort who only attend church on Christmas and Easter and call themselves Christians because that's how they were raised and they never saw any point to getting upset about it, or to study it enough to know what they believe and why. Those muslims are probably just as nice and normal as any other American.

The problem is, that because Islam not only permits, but encourages lying to advance the cause of Islam (Which, by the way, is nothing short of world conquest)you and I cannot tell which ones are which and so the only ethical and responsible course of action is to assume that all are devout followers of the true Islam and therefore cannot be trusted at their word.

This is not me being racist - Islam is not a race. This is not me being hateful - I love all people, and the God I follow, Jesus Christ, died for His love of ALL people. This is not me committing slander or libel against the followers of Islam, as by their own holy texts, they are to engage in some form of jihad (yes, there is more than one form, many of the most insidious forms of jihad are peaceful.) and do whatever it takes to conquer the world for allah. This is simply the truth.

I find it more than a little sad that we have come ten years from that attack (And more than that from many other jihadist attacks against America)and we still are not willing to stand up and speak these simple truths about Islam.

We did not choose this battle, but we will fight it. I suggest that my fellow Americans stop calling the watchmen on our walls names and start getting to know our enemy.

One last thing. To Mr. Obama, I know you were raised during your young life in Indonesia, a very different culture, and by communists when you came to live in this one, so you are a bit out of step with traditional Americans, but this must be said. You should cease your attempts to re-cast 9/11 as a day of service. We resent it. I resent it. I resent even more your administration's direction to downplay the role of Al Quaeda in that vicious attack. You can say all you like that America is not and never will be at war with Islam, but saying it doesn't make it true. We know who attacked us and some of us have been taking the trouble to learn the truth of why. It is an insult to the people of this nation to pretend that the followers of Islam, represented by those jihadis,weren't making a declaration of war by that attack. Doing so divides us further, when we need to be unified.

Know thy enemies America...before it's too late.

"Then the lords of the Philistines gathered them together for to offer a great sacrifice unto Dagon their god, and to rejoice: for they said, Our god hath delivered Samson our enemy into our hand.
" ~ Judges 16:23

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