Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welcome to Dhimmitude or did you miss the surrender of America?

The mainstream media and much of the rest of America and the world missed or are refusing to recognize the start of World War 3 and the first actions of a re-emergent caliphate in the middle east.

Many have noted that these attacks on our embassies appeared to be coordinated. There are other factors to be considered such as: the insecure nature of the Libyan embassy; the lack of proper security precautions allowed to the embassy guards; the lack of Mr. obama's presence in his intelligence briefings of late; the money promised to the Muslim Brotherhood in various nations across the middle east by the obama administration; and the fundamental material support the Muslim Brotherhood has been given by this administration, both overt and hidden along with the message that sends to the Islamic world.

When all that is taken into account, along with the Islamic worldview, what comes up is a very disturbing picture. In describing that picture, it is necessary to reference the Islamic world, because that is how the followers of Islam, regardless of nationality, are to view themselves. They belong to Islam, not to any real estate limited nation. This is not referring to individual Muslims or specific sects, only to what has been observed to be accepted among the followers of Islam. 

They have a separate social, financial and legal system that is supposed to receive precedence over any other governmental system or authority. There are places where separate property records for Dar al-Islam or “the house of Islam” are kept worldwide, because property, once owned by a Muslim, is regarded as being the property of allah, held in perpetuity by Islam. (This leads to an “interesting” view of history that does not necessarily comport with the way the rest of the world records it.) This record of property is essential for maintaining the islamic worldview because it is the goal of Islam to conquer the world for allah. When Islam can be said, through these records, to be in  at least "moral" possession(having owned it once) of the entire globe, then they will know how close they are to completing that goal. 

It is important to be aware of these things, because it shows with what caution and through what motivational lens we must evaluate the actions and motives of the followers of Islam. Assigning an American, European, Chinese, Russian or other national/cultural motivational model to the followers of Islam is a mistake.

In evaluating the events of the past week there are a few basics we must recognize:
  1.  The purpose for the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood is/was to re-establish the Islamic caliphate after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. They may have been used by the Saudis for empire building, but their goal never changed.
  2.  Mr. obama is the first acting POTUS ever to have an intimate knowledge and understanding of Islam from the point of view of a being raised by a practicing Muslim in an Islamic nation. He is not, therefore to be compared to Mr. Carter in this series of events, because Mr. Carter may creditably claim ignorance of how his actions would have been perceived within the Islamic world. (If he even recognized that the world of Islam viewed itself as a coherent unit, with it’s own government despite lacking a specific piece of real estate to label as the "country" of Islam.) If there has ever been an individual occupying the seat of the POTUS who has the cultural and intellectual basis to comprehend these things-it is, without question, Mr. obama.
  3. Prior to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, (by Mr. obama’s order) he was one of 3 main contenders for the title of caliph of the tempestuously emerging caliphate. The attacks of 9/11 gave him great prestige in the Islamic world. Mr. Bin Laden was removed by the order of an individual, Mr. obama, who has spent a great deal of American money and influence to support and bring into power, members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Update: I find that I must add a critical bit of information to make this relevant to those who have no idea why this is relevant-or even worse - fail to comprehend how this gives Mr. obama prestige and standing in the islamic world of the muslim brotherhood. Mr. Bin Laden, in his attack on 9/11 nearly awoke the sleeping giant that is America. This would not serve the vital interests of the muslim brotherhood in the re-establishment of the islamic caliphate through the means which they already had in place. Those means, among others consist of: Semantic jihad, financial terrorism, and various social brainwashing efforts pushed through the progressive/socialist/communist groups already at work here.  
  4.  The Islamic worldview is that there are two groups in the world: Dar al-Islam; the house of Islam and Dar al-Harb; the house of war. (i.e. Islam and those awaiting conquest by Islam. Please note that this does not even allow for the possibility of failure/loss on the part of Islam, ever –only the occasional appearance of retreats. Combine that with the requirement to regard all property ever owned by a Muslim as belonging to allah, held by Islam in perpetuity, and you may begin to see the importance of the Islamic worldview in evaluating the events of the past week.)
The outline of what happened on Wednesday and following, with those basics in mind, is as follows:
  • The Islamic world committed a deliberate and considered act of war against America.
  • This was done, to provoke one of two possible responses: retaliation or surrender. (Any response would fall into one of these two categories as far as the Islamic world is concerned. [As demonstrated by the very nature of a mind set that views only the house of Islam and the house of war as legitimate entities in the grand scheme of things.] The followers of Islam don’t really care what the rest of the world thinks. The rest of the world is wrong anyway, or it would already have joined Dar al Islam, after all.)
  • Mr. obama, both personally and through the responses of his administration – apologized.
Understand fully what this means. A man who is ostensibly in charge of “the great Satan” , a man whom much of the Muslim world views as a Muslim practicing taqiyya (and possibly maruna as well) for the purpose of advancing Islam, a man who has the full knowledge and experience to fully comprehend what such a response would say to the Islamic world APOLOGIZED for having been attacked. 

In addition to being an accepted form of surrender, an apology in most Islamic cultures indicates a definite claim of guilt along with a recognition that a repayment is required. I realize that some pundits will take issue with the idea of an apology being a form of surrender. They are either misled or duplicitous. Many will tend to comfort themselves with the notion that, because the rest of the world does not recognize the political reality of Dar al Islam, that means that no political leaders can surrender to it. They are in denial or, again, duplicitous( Or perhaps lacking the ability to comprehend the notion that a legitimate political entity can exist in the absence of specific borders-think of the united nations for an example.).

If that all wasn’t clear enough, let me restate the preceding. Mr. obama, in full knowledge and with deliberate intent, built up and supported into power the Muslim Brotherhood, an entity whose sole purpose is to re-establish an Islamic caliphate. He then SURRENDERED America to Dar al Islam in response to an attack on American soil. In doing so, he also extended an invitation to come and take the spoils of war from America and all it’s entities across the globe. The acting POTUS/CiC declared open season on America, it’s citizens and it’s wealth to Dar al Islam. What has followed, both in attacks on our embassies abroad as well as incidents across our nation, has been the followers of Islam responding to that invitation. Yes, there may be and most likely are, other schemes and politicking going on with this, but they pale in comparison beside the significance of this one treasonous action.

Mr. obama needs to be impeached and tried for treason immediately. There must also be a swift and decisive response to inform the caliphate of the Muslim brotherhood and the rest of Dar al Islam that America has not now, nor will she ever surrender to Islam.

Personally, I think that the Congress and the msm will ignore this blatant act of treason and justify doing so by the nearness of the election. This is cowardice and cowardice for which America will pay in blood and treasure, possibly for decades to come. This was the opening act of world war three and no one in the government of the USA or the msm media has acknowledged or will acknowledge that fact. This is moral cowardice and treason.  (I may have to acknowledge a mistake here. After numerous conversations with the aides of members of the House, it has become painfully apparent to me that our nations “leaders” have not availed themselves of the decade+ since 9/11 to educate themselves about our enemy-Islam. Instead of cowardice and treason, it may actually be sheer incompetence on the part of many. The msm remains without excuse, as it is their very function to perform such research and inform the American people the results.)

The means by which this war will be waged are unlike those of any previous war in American history. It is and will be waged on our soil and abroad and by ALL means possible. That includes financial, social, legal, semantic, political and etc. Islam is known for using ALL means available to it for conquest, including the womb. Because Americans in general have not recognized these tactics as tactics of war in the past, we are hugely vulnerable to their employment now.

Welcome to World War Three. It’s likely to appear peaceful on the surface while being, in actuality, quite brutal. I suggest we wake up and do so quickly. The time for sleep is over. Call Congress and demand impeachment and suitable retaliation now, or accept that the blood spilled in this war is on your hands.  

"Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord. " ~ Obadiah 1:4

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